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10 Celebs Who Owe Their Smiles To Cosmetic Dentistry

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Celebrities these days need to look perfect at all times. They need to be super thin with curves only in the right places or thin but with lots of muscle definition. This perfectionistic attitude has extended to their teeth as well it seems. Some of these stars simply got a cap while some now have pearly white veneers.

1. Tom Cruise
It is weird to think of a time when celebrities had bad teeth. But dear old Tom had some pretty horrible teeth. This was way before the couch jumping- think early marriage to Nicole Kidman. Somewhere around “Mission Impossible” he upgraded to a full set of veneers and has never looked back. I would like to say that his creepy robot fake smile is because of his new teeth, but I think that might just be perk of Scientology.

2. Hilary Duff
To be clear, we are not talking about the Hilary Duff horsey face era. Remember when she became a skeleton and started sporting those massive teeth? Well, this is not the time we are talking about. Later she got her teeth fixed again. Trivia: apparently she chipped a tooth on a microphone and did not want to have to get a cap that matched perfectly and opted for a full set of veneers.

3. George Clooney
Between collecting Oscars and jumping between one babe to the next, George finds time to go to the dentist on the regular.  Mr. Clooney reportedly grinds his teeth when stressed out and that is why he has a full set of sparkling veneers. We find it hard to believe that the sexiest man alive has that much stress in his life.

4. Victoria Beckham
Posh Spice upgraded her allusive smile once she hit the big time. If you look back to photographs of Victoria before the Spice Girls”, her teeth are a lot different. Some people might say it is the British snaggle teeth, we prefer to think of her as fiercely real (Thank you Tyra Banks for hilarious descriptors).

5. Courtney Love
We don’t know when Courtney bought her new teeth but they are pretty obviously veneers. Maybe she bought them with the money she got over taking her late ex-husband’s (Kurt Cobain of Nirvana) remaining bandmates to court over unreleased material.

6. Ben Affleck
It appears from glancing at old and new pictures of the “Argo” star has porcelain veneers to lengthen his teeth. To be fair before or after his teeth, Ben is still pretty cute. Even if you are forced to remember Bennifer…

7. 50 Cent
Rapper 50 Cent has some perfect teeth to go with his bad boy image. Of course he had to spend over $50,000 on them, which he freely admits. But if you were shot 9 times, we think it is ok to spend some money on something you really want. We aren’t going to question him on it- are you?

8. Jim Carrey
This Canadian comedian chipped his tooth years ago and you never see the cap he got to cover it. Unless you watch “Dumb and Dumber”. He actually removed the cap for his role as Lloyd and you have to admit that it makes the character even funnier.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones
Apparently Catherine had short little teeth before she added some porcelain veneers to lengthen her beautiful teeth. It is strange to look back at older pictures of this star because she really has not aged that much. The only thing that seems to be different are in fact her teeth!

10. Cheryl Cole
This beautiful British star has had a lot of work done on her teeth since she started singing in her pop band “Girls Aloud”. A lot of North Americans might not know of Ms. Cole, but we assure you that you will not be disappointed looking her up. She currently stars on the British version of “The X Factor”.

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