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10 Mysterious Airline Disasters

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With Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 still missing and shrouded in mystery, here are 10 other strange and unexplained airline disasters.

10. TWA Flight 800 (1996)
Exploded minutes after take-off killing all 230 people on board. Officially caused by a short circuit, conspiracists believe it was shot down by a US missile.

9. Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 (1977)
Plane that crashed after being hijacked in mid-air. No identifiable bodies or evidence were recovered. The circumstances of the crash and hijacking are a mystery.

8. Amelia Earhart (1937)
Pilot who disappeared without trace over the Pacific while trying to circumnavigate around the globe. Theories include a fatal crash or her surviving on a deserted island

7. Pan Am Flight 7 (1957)
No distress calls were sent and the crash debris of the plane was found off course. Suggested causes include propeller failure, a bomb and insurance fraud

6. BSAA Star Dust (1947)
An airliner that crashed into the Andes and wasn't found for over 50 years. Its final message in morse code was STENDEC - it's meaning remains unknown

5. Boeing 727-232 N844AA (2003)
A jet stolen from the runway of an airport in Angola. The plane and pilot have never been seen since despite searches by the FBI and the CIA.

4. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 (1962)
A US military flight that never issued a distress call and was never found. Carrying over 90 personnel, the exact cause remains undetermined and rumors of sabotage persist.

3. KAL Flight 007 (1983)
A jet that strayed off course and was shot down by the USSR, killing all on board. No bodies were found, leading to speculation that they survived and are being held prisoner.

2. Frederick Valentich (1978)
Pilot who was never found and his last message claimed a UFO was flying above him. Theories suggest a hoax, suicide, disorientation, or an actual UFO sighting

1. Flight 19 (1945)
5 US Navy bombers took off from Florida and were never seen again. A rescue plane sent to find them also vanished, helping to create the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

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