Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Strange Shoe Designs

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Posted : December 2011
Author : Miscelleana Rhinehart

There are so many different ways to get around in this world. Car, bicycle, train, bus and, especially, the shoes on your feet. But what happens when the shoes on your feet aren’t that comfortable, Dr. Scholls shoes that you would wear working eight hours a day. Got something funky to put on your feet? What about one of these?

Gadget Shoes
Why would you need to use a controller to change the channel or turn up the volume on the television? Just take off your shoes and click some buttons. Even LED lights are there to color-coordinate your needed buttons.

Toeless Shoes
Shoes are made for a single purpose: to protect your feet while walking. But why do that when these shoes are more fashionable? Especially when you just get a great pedicure and want to show it off. It’s okay your feet get dirty, look how great the shoes compliment your toes.

Legging Shoes
There are more ways than one to, as they say, kill two birds with one stone, and these shoes are perfect. There are no need for pants AND shoes, just wear them together and enjoy some warm, albeit difficult to put on, shoes.

Car Shoes
Bring your vroom vroom with you wherever you go. These are gold and shiny and with wheels that make you think you are as fast as lightning. Why not enjoy the squeak beneath your feet?

Feet Shoes
These by far are the number one strangest pair of shoes that have been put up into this article. Do you want to wear someone else’s feet for feeted shoes? Well, here you are. That’s all that can be said.

So, here are the five shoes that deliver you the most odd ways to cover your feet or your legs or nothing at all. Shoes. What a strange thing. Well. Sometimes.


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