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5 Shocking Criminal Charges Celebrities Were Hiding

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Posted : December 2013
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Okay, so some of our favorite celebrities are not whiter than white and with a seemingly ever present mix of alcohol-related incidents and drug-fuelled parties that end in tears, is it any wonder that some famous faces hold rap sheets as long as their arms? Let’s take a look at five shocking criminal charges that will make you cringe.

1. R. Kelly
This story is not the best kept secret in Hollywood, but we still think it deserved the number one spot in our list. After marrying singer Aaliyah when she was just 15 and he was 27, the rapper quickly annulled the ceremony in 1994. After that questionable performance, R. Kelly was allegedly found, on videotape, having sex with an under-aged girl. He was charged in 2002 with 14 counts of sex with a minor. The trial was delayed six years, and when it finally rolled around, he was found not guilty.

2. Aretha Franklin
The massive soul singer reportedly sang her way out of a parking ticket earlier this year! It is believed that she sang for the officer that pulled her over and then autographed an envelope for him. Naughty.

3. Ozzy Osbourne
In 1982 the massive rock star was arrested in Texas for lifting up his dress and urinating on the Alamo! Ick!

4. Carmen Electra
In 1999 Carmen Electra was charged for misdemeanours after fighting with then husband, former basketball player Dennis Rodman. She had to pay $2,500 in bail and was given a restraining order that enforced her to stay at least 500 feet away from Dennis. He received the same deal.

5. Robert Downey Jr.
Iron Man Robert has more than one shocking charge, but his first is probably the worst. He was arrested back in 1996 for drunk driving and possession of cocaine, heroin, crack and a Magnum revolver firearm.
He was given three years probation, but just a year later he violated his parole and ended up facing 6 months in prison.


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