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Ugliest New Cars In The World

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Posted : November 2013 
By : Keegan Dorai (Motor Trader Malaysia)

The Pontiac Aztek remains the ugliest car in the United States.
Abysmal and horrific are two words that should be used to describe these cars, these are few cars that would leave some of us split between 'wow' or the 'nay' factor. But can they prove a point by being purchase-worthy within the right buying group? We shall see.

1. Supermini (Mitsubishi i-Miev)
The hideous and overtly-ambitious body shell of the i-Miev has left plenty questioning themselves about their personal image while driving one. It might hold a high-tech battery pack that provides a range of about 120km on a full charge, but as mentioned, the unattractive exterior will cause plenty of eco-hunters to turn away. If price is not a priority while shopping for an electric vehicle, we recommend either the Renault's Fluence ZE or Nissan's Leaf.

2. Hatchback (Lancia Ypsilon)
Once famed for its string of championship wins back in its Rallying heyday, the infamous Italian marque is now forced to steer into the profit-and-volume-making route under Fiat. Due to that, cars such as the Ypsilon is born to 'allure' left-field buyers which in return, rather ignored it due to its sheer randomness in design and overall execution. Do yourself a favour, get a regular Fiat Panda or Punto to keep your dignity as Vicenzo Lancia is already spinning in his grave.

3. Sedan (Nissan Almera)
It might be Nissan's best selling model for 2013, but the Almera is preferably an ugly successor to the original Sunny. Although the marque's latest design language a revelation for its other models, the Almera just doesn't cut it the same way, especially by increasing the rear legroom that results an ungainly long rear overhang. Currently it is the cheapest B-segment saloon out there, so if you're bound to sign that dotted line, opt for the Impul variant that comes with a proper bodykit and sports alloys to mask those hideous lines.

4. SUV (Nissan Juke)
A name that a typical countryside resident might mispronounce as 'joke', the Nissan Juke is rather attractive in someways but repulsive in others. The bulbous front-end and side silhouette resemble a toad, and there is nothing to scream about its overall left-field appeal. But its one of the few ways to steer onto a different route by standing out from the crowd. If it has grown on you, go straight for the turbocharged 1.6-litre engine and you'll be rewarded with a touch of driving finesse.

5. MPV (SsyangYong Stavic)
Tragically, the 'Turismo' nameplate hasn't done any favours aesthetically to save the Stavic . Entering its second generation, the Stavic has ditched the appalling rear-quarter frame for a more conventional MPV silhouette. But the result is an unwanted, yet rather staid-looking MPV that makes a washed-out pebble street look artistically brilliant. It might be the cheapest barge around, but there are plenty of better choices out there - both new and used that are miles-better looking than this.


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