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Holland's Flower Sculpture Parade Or Bloemencorso

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By Stephanie

Holland is predominantly famous for 2 things, the first is that it’s one of the best places to live in the world (and most liberal), secondly they are the envy of the world when it comes to flowers. They have fields of flowers so famous in fact, that tourists flock to them each year. So it’s not surprising really that Zundert, a country town in the heart of Noord Brabant should be host to what is now the biggest and most impressive flower parade the world has ever seen.

It’s called Bloemencorso, with each entry being a float made entirely of flowers, but not just any flowers – they can only be dahlias. That’s the only rule – you can create, design and bring to life anything you like. The town and local judges then vote for their favourite flower floats and the winners are celebrated, with their works lauded around town until it all begins again the following year. Organized since 1936, the festival takes place on every 1st Sunday of September and is nothign short of Spectacular!

Every year, the parade consists of around 20 different floats, the construction of which is non-commercial and totally volunteer. The massive master pieces, created from dahlias only, are put during the summer by the neighborhoods of a town that’s home to 20.000 people only.

As you can imagine, it takes A LOT of work and even more dedication. Hundreds of people collaborate to construct each float, tediously working away wrapping wire, sticks, glue, cardboard not to mention thousands of flowers together to create these gigantic and jaw-dropping creations. Every year the likes of fish, vampires, tigers & even meerkats got their day in the sun – which makes you wonder more you would get to see in the next few years.

If you’re in the Netherlands and are planning on attendinging this eye-catching event, you’d better be there between September 1 & 2 – as that’s the confirmed date for the 2013 show.


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