Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Creative DIY Art And Craftworks

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An excellent collection of creative and useful craftwork which you can easily make at home or for classes. Take a look and appreciate the creativity.

1. Metal Handbag From Pop-Tops

2. Rainbow From Crayons

3. Decorative Lamp Shades From Plastic Bottle And Spoons

4. Jazzy Shoes From Plain White Pairs Of Shoes

5. Flower Petals From Slices Of Pineapples

6. Decorating Your Greeting Cards

7. Decorative Flowers From Maple Leaves

8. Decorating The Easter Eggs

9. Crafts From Paper Rolls

10. Crochet Lanterns

11. Art Using Plastic Bottles

12. Brooms From Plastic Bottles

13. Solar Bottle Bulbs

14. Pendants From Plastic Spoons

15. Bread Crumbs Bird Feed

16. DIY Lanterns

17. Flower Vase From Light Bulbs

18. Decorative Flower Container

19. Cloud Sleeping Lights

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