Friday, May 10, 2013

The 5 Types of Guys Women Are Attracted To

By : Vin DiCarlo

Which are you?
I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that women are more drawn to certain types of men than others. I don’t recommend that you change your personality, or wardrobe to match these types of guys. Instead, learn what you can from each type, and see if there’s an element that works for that guy, that you could incorporate more in your own life.

#1 Social Connector
Women are very social and love to make connections. To a woman, having a lot of social connections gives her power in her life. Her personal effectiveness is not based on brute strength or ambition (like men), but rather on the quality and quantity of her relationships. A guy who knows where the party is at, can get her into the club without waiting in line, or has a great social network is very attractive to a woman.

#2 Artist
Women find creative, passionate guys intriguing and exciting. You don’t have to be a master painter, but you should have at least one creative outlet that gets you excited. Talk about this hobby, and see if there’s a way she can help you in your artistic endeavor. Wood-working, writing, detailing cars – anything you do to express yourself creatively will turn women on.

#3 Edgy Dude (rocker, thug, etc.)
We all know that women like guys with an “edge.” This doesn’t mean you should pretend to be the new member of G-Unit, or put your hair in a Mohawk. But if you are playing it too safe in your mannerisms and fashion, you’ll appear scared and weak. If you’re not pissing anyone off, EVER, then you are probably not being true to yourself. It’s OK to cuss occasionally, make sexual jokes, and break the “rules” in a fun way. What elements of your personality are you hiding, for fear of rejection or criticism?

#4 Professional
Women want a guy who is going somewhere. You don’t have to be rich, but you should have a job and career goals. I’ve had clients that became lawyers just to impress women. This is an example of what not to do. What are you passionate about? How do you want to help the world? Take steps to make a living at it. A woman can’t respect a man who doesn’t respect himself. If you are wasting your life on the couch, or in a job you hate, you are essentially disrespecting yourself by wasting the time you have on Earth.

#5 Normal Guy
Women want a guy who is normal. I know this sounds strange, but think about a guy you know who always has a hot girlfriend. He is probably a calm, friendly, solid dude. Too often I hear women (HOT WOMEN) say, “I just want a guy who is normal. He’s not a bum, he’s not crazy, he’s not a dumb thug. I just want a solid guy who cares about me.” The bar is pretty low, because most guys are completely clueless with women, and have no sense of who they are. Be a good friend, focus on your goals in life, and don’t try to impress people. Being attractive is about being yourself!

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