Sunday, May 5, 2013

Loving The Bewhiskered: Fun Facts About Cats

Cats have been deities, talismans and hunters for men since ancient times. But more than anything else, they are devoted pets, despite their independent spirits, and always remain loyal to their owners.

The domestic cat is a mammal. Including both extinct and living animals, there are 37 species of the mammal.

Cats were domesticated long after dogs, but it's not really clear why exactly humans decided to befriend this animal.

In Ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal and the guardian of the hearth. Cats were even protected by law. Killing a cat was punishable by the death penalty. When a cat died, its household would go into mourning. The cat was mummified and buried in a special cemetary.

In France, the cat was thought to be a magic creature. The medieval inquisition would burn them together with those suspected to be witches.

At the start of the 20th century, people began to breed cats. Different breeds would differentiate cats in size, ancestry, the structure, length and color of fur, and eye color.

Today there are around 400 cat breeds and color variations in the world.

Despite the fact that domestic cats are extremely popular and widespread, there some countries, such as Peru and Gabon, where they are almost nowhere to be found.

Although cats were domesticated a long time ago, their habits have changed very little from those of their wild ancestors. They have merely adapted them to living indoors.

Cats are sensitive to sound and intonation. They can remember up to 50 words and connect them with the right actions.

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