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The Nazi’s Greatest Inventions

The Fiegerfaust was designed by HASAG (Hugo Schneider AG) of Leipzig in the year 1944; the Luftfaust was shaped in two diverse accounts. The first version was called the Fliegerfaust A, had four 20 mm caliber barrels. These fired 20 mm projectiles weighing 90 g which contained 19 g of explosive, impelled with the help of a small rocket. The second type was named as the Fliegerfaust B in which the Germans improved the first type with increasing the length of the barrels, and by adding another 5 barrels, for a total of 9 barrels. The weapon had a total length of 150 cm and weighed 6.5 kg. First 4 rounds from every second barrel were fired immediately and the remaining five 0.1 second later to avoid damaging the projectiles themselves by the rockets’ exhaust fumes and from interfering with their courses.

Zielgerät 1229 “The Vampire”
The Germans created a night time fighting machine having the capability to detect things due to its infrared rays. The main principle was infrared behind its detection for the enemies and hence therefore can’t detect the heat bodies.

Silbervogel also known as the silver bird was a suborbital bomber aircraft powered by a rocket. The Silver bird was produced in the late 1930s and developed by Eugen Sanger and Irene Bredt. Silbervogel was one of the types of UAV.

Panzer VIII Maus
The name “Panzer” has been very famous for the gamers who played the game Grand Theft Auto (Vice City). Only one of its kinds the largest and the heaviest tank ever produced in the year 1945. Its steel armor had a thickness of a possible 240 mm. Its prototype had a 120 mm gun but was later upgraded to 150 mm. The Panzer VIII Maus was slowest, heaviest and biggest war machine for the Germans.

XXI U-boats
These were the most efficient and powerful boats for the Germans in the battle field who could have won the battle field for the Germans in the Atlantic. She was the first real battle submarine that was meant to reside in the deep and not just retreat to it once in hazard. These boats provided more crew carrying facility than its predecessors, these were silent underwater havoc raising machines, had freezers for the eatables and   they had hydraulic torpedo reload system that enabled the commander to reload all 6 tubes in something like 10 minutes which was even less than it took to reload one tube on the VIIC normally.

Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster
One of the Hitler’s biggest and renowned inventions is the LandKreuzer P.1500 Monster. The biggest, the awesome, having greater fire range, better accuracy and agility forced the Landkreuzer to make a mark in the history of war machines. It was supposed to be 15 times more reliable and bigger than a normal tank armed with an 800 mm Krupp cannon.

Messerschmitt Me 163
The Messerschmitt Me 163 is the most unique design of the World War II produced to deliver a successful strategic bombing execution. The assault glider had some problems while landing and which becomes the cause of its downfall, during flight testing, the superior gliding capability of the Komet proved detrimental to safe landing. The aircraft would rise back into the air with the slightest updraft.
Rudy clearly recalls his first look at the 163: “I tell you, I couldn’t stop looking at that thing. With the 163A the fuselage really blended into the wings. It was just beautiful - and a rocket engine, my gosh. I was in heaven to be involved with it.”

The StG44 being the most commonest rifle among gamers those who have single person shooting games like COD Modern Warfare and Medal of Honor. So here is a brief introduction that the following assault rifle is basically the creation of Nazi government. The StG44 outclassed its competitor rifles of the World War II and made momentous records for the Germans.

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