Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Can't Poke This Touch Panel And Run Away!

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and there seems to be no looking back. What used to seem next to impossible is turning into reality, making everyday life easier and more engaging. People seem to be obsessed with touch surfaces and taking it to an all new level is Gunze Ltd with an archetype of a touch panel that can easily tell who is touching it specifically. Wow! This is absolutely amazing and dream like.

Touch panel
Touch panel

The staggering prototype was put on show at the 11th International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference that was held in Tokyo, from February 15 to 17 this year. The capacitive touch panel makes good use of the transparent conductive printed film that has been developed by Gunze Ltd. The top surface of a table game machine was fitted with the archetype to judge its functionality. The smart touch panel has been specifically designed for arcade table games.

Four electrodes have been placed around the touch panel, which have to be touched in order to input information with the help of the other hand. So, feeding information by just using one hand, as in conventional touch panels, won’t get well with this design. The best part being, all the electrodes can be assigned different functions at the same time.

A closed circuit needs to be formed to input information by simply touching the panel. Apart from this, if someone sits on a conductive chair the touch operation will still be permitted. This means that touching any one of the present electrodes take a back seat when someone is seated in a conductive chair. The ingenious touch panel will work wonders where it is important to know who placed a bet where game machines are involved.

Source : http://www.designbuzz.com

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