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Ways Of Using Your Brain To Its Full Capacity

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Author : Dr Prem Jagyasi

Is it Possible to Exploit the Brain Fully?
It is often said that human beings don’t use their brains to full capacity. It is unknown whether this is true or it is an absolute myth. None has yet been able to figure out the mystery behind complete usage of the human brain. Yes, the human brain is like an encyclopaedia that stores information. However, it hasn’t yet been found out as to how much information it can actually store and how much information can it recollect at the right time.
The human brain is a matter of great mystery and this mystery is yet to be solved. A lot of research and navigation of the human brain is going on on a continuous basis. So, does one really use a small percentage of the brain or there is more to the story? Isn’t the brain supposed to be a widely used phenomenon? Did Einstein use 100% of his brain? Or did Newton for that matter?  Are brains of different people different? Why is someone average and someone else absolutely intelligent? Do legends have a different brain set up as compared to everyone else? It is said that an average human being uses only between 5 to 10 percent of his or her brain. Is this true and scientifically proven? Or it is possible for a person to use his or her brain to the fullest?

Yes, you can use your Brain fully
It is believed that this feature has been misread and miscalculated. If one tried, they could use their brain to the fullest. You don’t need to associate yourself to the likes of Einstein or Newton to be able to use your brain to the fullest. You yourself can do it on completing a few brain exercises on a regular basis. It is necessary to tap into this other 90% of your brain and make it a 100%. Is it possible to increase your intelligence? Yes, it is very much possible to increase your intelligence. You only need to put in the right amount of effort in order to do so and you are good to go. It is necessary to train yourself on a regular basis if you wish to sharpen your brain. It is not a day’s job. A whole lot of factors are dependent on the improvement of your brain. These factors need to be tackled step by step. You will soon find yourself becoming popular through the right kind of brain usage. You will go on to change people’s notion of you. However, for this you will have to go through the process of improving your intelligence religiously and you will soon find large changes taking place in your life. Brain is composed of many different parts which have their own specific functions.

Activate all Parts of the Brain
How to activate your brain isn’t a mysterious theory that needs to be solved. Your brain has parts and each of these parts, are designed for certain functions. You need to involve yourself in numerous functions so that none of your brain parts are inactive. It is often said the the left brain is meant for hobbies and the right brain for serious work and vice versa for some people. Why not keep both sides of your brain active throughout the day and see if you begin to get smarter by the day? It ought to be an interesting experiment with your brain. If you don’t use your brain fully, it will slowly begin to rust. A rusted brain did no good to anyone. Hence, the first step towards development of intelligence would be to keep your brain constantly active. If your brain is active all the time, it will go on improving thereby increasing your intelligence by a great measure. There have been lots of books and researches on how to use the human brain completely. Reading and following one of these books could help you out extensively. It is no rocket science; they are a few simple and easy habits that you need to inculcate in your daily life.

Get to Know your Brain
In trying to improve your memory and intelligence, you will soon become an exemplary individual. There is no dearth of people around the world who are involved in researching and experimenting on the human brain. There have been countless case studies of the human brain and brain mapping. If you want to use the brain to its capacity, you have to understand it to the fullest. Reading these case studies might help you get a hang of what is actually going on inside your head and the way that it all functions. Getting to know the contents of your brain will help you improve it and use them to their full capacity.

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