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Chicken That Thinks She's A Penguin

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Posted : 2010
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This chicken really shows an unusual signature figure on the farmyard. She (named Mumble) has smaller wings than her normal water-going cousins, making her resembling a penguin. She never attempts to fly like other chickens in the coop, instead choosing to waddle from side to side, although she has yet to take a dip in the water.

This strange behaviour might have saved her life because the family that owns her spared her from the cooking pot. The bird's identity crisis has made her famous in Jiangsu in eastern China where she is owned by a farmer named Lu Xi. Local media outlets named the chicken Mumble after the main character in the animated Happy Feet movie which was about a penguin that can't sing so dances instead.

Mr Xi said: 'She only has her little wings that she sticks out when she walks, though she never flies. I had not seen the Happy Feet film but I like the name, although my bird can't dance - and I don't think she can swim either. But she should be happy - my family all like her so we decided to keep her instead of putting her in the pot.

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