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Uniquely Malaysian, Part II (So Malaysian!)

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Posted : August 2014
Author : HGW Editor

In this second part, we list more of our favourite Malaysian food, from street food to the King of Fruits! Check them out, and some hot spots where you can find these awesome dishes.
So Malaysian!

8. Ayam Percik
Ayam percik is Malaysia’s very own version of spicy, barbequed chicken. Marinated in turmeric and chilli powder, ayam percik is usually bathed in a rich sauce of coconut milk, ginger and garlic, with hints of tamarind and lemongrass. Juicy and succulent, it’s a favourite all-year round but most popular during Ramadhan bazaars!

9. Ikan Bakar
Ikan bakar is street food at its best, and is essentially barbequed fish and seafood ala Malaysian. Your fish of choice is wrapped in a banana leaf and then barbequed over a charcoal fire so the aroma of the banana leaf along with the spices and marinate, are infused into the fish. The makings of a perfect ikan bakar is very much attributed to the dipping sauce, which is usually a mixture of chopped chillis, garlic and lime. Ikan bakar can be enjoyed any day, and anywhere!

10. Burger Bakar
Step aside, McDonald’s and hipster burger joints. Malaysia’s street burgers, or burger bakar, is here to stay as the most well-loved burger of all time. Grilled or fried, chicken, beef or lamb, there are just so many variations to the burger bakar that you can easily have one for every day of the week and still not get bored! Check out our list of the most happening burger bakar stalls in the Klang Valley!

11. Roti John
It’s funny how a simple soft bun, split open and slathered with butter before being fried face-down with an egg, can be just so awesome. But that’s what Roti John is, with some creative variations.

12. Satay Celup
Satay celup has Melaka written all over it, and it’s just one of the many delicacies to be found in that historic state. Skewers of meat, heavily marinated with spices and turmeric, are dipped into a boiling pot of spicy peanut sauce. If that sounds delicious, wait till you try it at this delightful little shop in Melaka!

13. Keropok Lekor
Keropok lekor originated from Terengganu, but can be found at almost every state in Malaysia. It can be found in two forms; thin and crispy, or fat and chewy. Both styles rock our boats! Lekor is almost always served with a sweetish chilly sauce that complements the saltiness of the cracker perfectly! If you’re near Tropicana, check this little stall out for some delicious lekor.

14. Lok Lok
Lok-lok is a Cantonese term which directly translates to “boil-boil”, explaining pretty much what this dish is. Lok-lok vans, laden with skewered food items from quail eggs to fishballs and pig and chicken offal, are commonly found in pasar malams. Diners basically pick their favourites, dip them into boiling pots of water, and then dish on whatever sauce they fancy. Delicious!

15. Durian
You either love or hate the King of Fruits, but we at HungryGoWhere are proudly obsessed with the pungent, thorny fruit. Only in Malaysia can you get multiple variations of durian, so you can have your choice of sweet, bitter or bittersweet.

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