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Top 10 Myths Confirmed By The Mythbusters

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Posted : August 2010
Author : Anonyzious

Continuing on with our Mythbusters’ feature today we present to you the top 10 myths that have been confirmed by the ever-meticulous Mythbusters.

No 10. A machine gun can cut down a tree
Can come quite handy next time you go out to chop some trees…

No 9. An unamplified human voice can break glass
Well, this is a “first one” in the world as the mythbusters claim

No 8. You cannot open doors of a car underwater until its interior is filled with water
This one actually saved a life, a person wrote to mythbusters after escaping a sinking car. The rule is “Let the car fill in with water, don’t panic and break the glass or open the door after the car is full. It will be easier that way”.

No 7. Farmer’s pants exploded after using herbicide
Better be careful…

No 6. Ship out of a duct tape
Another household item put to good use

No 5. Playing dead will help prevent shark attack
A really courageous and scary move by the mythbusters.

No 4. You can ignite your own flatus
Do I need to say anything else? This episode was banned by Discovery, as I have found out so a good video is really hard to find, so here is the best one on the internet

No 3. You can wakeboard behind a cruise boat
Wakeboarding behind a giant? That would be really awesome…

No 2. Dynamite can remove cement coating off a cement truck’s barrel
The biggest explosion for mythbusters?

No 1. You can make a monster fireball with sawdust and compressed air
A viral video circling on the internet prompted the mythbusters to confirm it or either bust it and eventually it was confirmed. The video is not a direct recording but is the best available.

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