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Avengers Collection Blu-Ray Case

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Posted : May 2012
Author : Dave Delisle

It’s been a looong time since I posted a Blu-Ray case design (October 12th!), apologies for that. There was once a time this blog was quite popular for those. I chalk it up to not really buying packaged media anymore.
This is a case designed to hold a plethora of Marvel films that constitute The Avengers, both the team and their respective solo outings. It is based on the Helicarrier, which is the Avengers and SHIELD’s flying fortress (I’m sure you knew that).

This massive case is designed to hold at least 30 discs. Adding more trays to the main hull can grow that number to 50. Enough room for all your Marvel superhero movies (though I’d prefer something like this instead).
This is a really basic version of the Helicarrier. If I had more reference I could go to town making it look more authentic, but this should give you the rough idea. I feel like Doc Brown apologizing that it is not to scale.
One feature would be removable “wings”, which would act like individual cases. Very handy not just for everyday use, but it would make for smaller packaging if this became a product. Wouldn’t want a huge box hogging up all the shelf space at Best Buy.
Speaking of the size, I know it’s pretty big (the biggest I designed), but it’s not completely out of reason. I estimate 26″ long, 16″ wingspan, and 12″ tall.
This is a case designed to hold all current and future Avenger films. But what really bums me out for these films and other franchises that appear to be here for the next several years (e.g. Game of Thrones), is that releases a few years from now might not be issued on Blu-Ray or DVD. It’ll be sort of weird to have an incomplete collection.
Ideally, I would just sell this with the lone Avengers film. That would keep the cost down and allow people to populate it with the other superhero films they already own. There is ample room for superhero video games, that is for sure.
I hope you enjoyed this Blu-Ray case design!

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