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The Most Incredible Facts About Gemstones

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15  Hackmanite: Keep in the Dark
This mineral is a variety of Sodalite that possesses one interesting and unique quality, which is called "tenebrescence." When exposed to light, gemstone can become almost colorless, and when it stays in the dark for a long period of time, its color becomes saturated violet. Ideas of Mother Nature are so unpredictable!

14  Diamond: Enhance Your Voice
"Diamonds are a girl's best friends" is a widely known phrase from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" musical. These gemstones also appear to be the best friends of speakers. Vibrating, diamonds can make your voice sound much louder without deforming it. Due to their stiffness they are made in thin domes and help speakers to make a high-quality speech. 

13  Opals: Anniversary Gift
Someone dear to you has their fourteenth or eighteenth wedding anniversary coming up soon? If you're hesitating about the perfect gift, then nature found a solution for you. Objects decorated with opals will be very symbolic since opals are considered to be the gemstone of married couples.

12  Amethyst: the Love Stone
St. Valentine is a patron of all enamored people. It is believed that he used to wear a ring with an amethyst stone all the time. That's why this gemstone is a birthstone of February. Amethyst symbolizes love and affection: in the Middle Ages if a lady gifted a knight with a heart-shaped amethyst set in silver, that meant she had feelings for him. 

11  Ruby: Queens and Kings Stone
This pomegranate-red stone was very much beloved in the times when Kings and Queens ruled over the world. In the Middle Ages this gemstone was believed to possess a power to protect its owner from evil spirits, ill-wishers and diseases from plague to spleen. Quite useful!

10  Aquamarine: Friendship, Loyalty, and Bravery
Nowadays this gemstone is associated with friendship, loyalty and bravery. Centuries ago, ancient Romans believed it to be a symbol of peace. Wearing a ring with Aquamarine stone and a frog carved in it meant that finding consensus and reconciling with enemies should be easier. 

9  Garnet: Stop the Bleeding
Considering the huge myths' and legends' heritage, people think that ancient societies consisted of warriors, titans and gods only. However, there were mere mortals too, and they would often get into problematic household situations, like cutting one's finger. When this happened, it was better to make sure whether there was a garnet gemstone at home, as it was believed to stop bleeding. 

8  Sapphire: Easing the Pain
The number of disastrous diseases people could fall ill from in the Middle Ages made this period one of the darkest in the history. Back there people had a belief of gemstones curing powers. Sapphires, according to medieval scientists, could ease the pain of smallpox: rubbing stones on eyes was said to protect them from injuries.

7  Turquoise: Relieve Headaches
Turquoise was valued greatly for its mystic qualities. It was also a must-have for every Apache doctor, if he wanted to be respected and authoritative. The Turquoise gemstone, according to Native Americans, could relieve headaches and changed color if its wearer had health problems. 

6  Emerald: the Home of Goddess
If you find a big-emerald egg while touring in Peru, don't rush to sell it or give it away to a museum. It might turn out that you found a home of Inca's chief-goddess Esmeralda. Checking whether it's true is not the best idea: Gods are not to be messed up with!

5  Topaz: Have a Good Night!
Are you suffering from insomnia? Perhaps you've got a couple of spare topazes in your collection. A long time ago it was taken in the form of powder added in wine for good and long sleep. 

4  Carnelian: Peace and Inspiration
This is a perfect meditation stone as some people believe it to bring the feeling of balance and calm. Can't find a solution for something? In need of taking important life-changing decisions? Just wear Carnelian, and it will bring you both peace and inspiration.

3  Jasper: the Bringer of Happiness
If you are a courageous adventurer traveling to tropical forests of far away countries, then you might need Jasper gemstone. Beside of bringing happiness into life, it is also useful to protect you from snakes' and spiders' poisonous bites. But be careful! It is also believed to bring rain...

2  Amber: Ancient Credit Cards
Amber is a beautiful ancient stone, which value rises when there are insects captured in it. However, in the early times it was valuable for being a currency in Egypt, Greece and Assyria. It seems to be more interesting than credit cards!

1  Jade: Hard Adrenaline
Jade used to play a part of adrenalin in the ancient times. It was believed to make people more lively and vigorous. Many people also think that wearing this gemstone can help to cure illnesses in the kidneys. 

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