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Top Ten Strange Religious Beliefs

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Religion is precious to many people. It is the driving force that helps them deal with daily challenges and keeps them on their moral track. Religion has been the source of incredible strength to help overcome unimaginable hardship. As the list below shows, however, religion can also be a big ball of confusion and hatred. Here are the top ten bizarre religious beliefs that people actually follow.

10. Men Are Evil
While the sentiment makes for material for imagination-less comedians and meme fanatics, the concept that either sex are inherently evil is plain silly. Tell that to the followers of Nuwaubianism though, who also believe that men were genetically engineered after women who existed for generations first. Also according to Nuwaubianism afterbirth must be buried to keep Satan from cloning your kid, famed inventor Nikola Tesla was an alien who came from Venus and all homo sapiens were cloned from homo erectus… on Mars. Perhaps the most controversial claim however is that white people were created as a race of killers and are supposed to be slaves to blacks. As for the creator of Nuwaubianism, Dwight York is serving a prison sentence for money laundering and child molestation.

9. The Worst Religion Ever
Ed Wood was known as a director of cheap schlock films in the 40’s and for his rather erratic behavior while doing so. Known for cross-dressing and constant rewriting his films on set, Wood made one of the most iconic films in history in “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, known as the worst movie ever made by most critics. Followers of The Church of the Heavenly Wood believe that watching and following his films is the true path to happiness and positivity in life. They commonly cross-dress in honor of Ed Wood to celebrate his life and films.

8. The One Tom Cruise Believes In
Scientology is the hot button religion/cult at the moment and with good reason: everyone is talking about it. With litigation being threatened on anyone who dares speak ill of the religion, Scientology is gaining a reputation as a powerhouse in Hollywood as well as the courtroom. This is interesting considering the beliefs of the religion like humans were brought to earth 75 million years ago by alien space ruler Xenu in spacecrafts and they detonated hydrogen bombs in volcanoes. With some other extra oddities like believe in Thetan levels and the self-help system of Dianetics, Scientology is one of the strangest religions in the world.

7. Black Jews
That sounds horrifically offensive, but it is the root of this faith. The Nation of Yahweh is a religion that believes blacks are the ‘true Jews’ and belong in Israel. As for the ‘white Jews’ who live there, they are considered ‘white devils’ and are to be vanquished. An offshoot of Black Hebrew Israelites, the Nation of Yahweh believes that Yahweh ben Yahweh is the true Son of God and was sent on a mission of Messianic proportions. Classified by many as a racist black supremacist group, Nation of Yahweh is truly a strange religion. So, Sammy didn’t actually follow this faith, but it is a good visual aid.

6. The Book Was Better
Based partially on a fictional religion of the same name in the novel  ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, the Church of All Worlds refers to itself as a non-pagan religion that embraces Earth Mother Goddess and Father God as well as gods and goddesses from Ancient Greece. Openly accepting some science fiction elements, Church of All Worlds has established The Grey School of Wizardry inspired heavily by the Hogwarts schools in the ‘Harry Potter’ novels.

5. Telepathic Aliens
Ivo A. Benda and several other ‘contacts’ have been claiming since 1997 that they communicate with extraterrestrials. Founding a church named Followers of the Cosmic People of Light Powers, Benda and crew claim to telepathically communicate with aliens as well as have personal contact with them. According the the Church, a fleet of spaceships led by their leader Ashtar Sheran have been helping the good on Earth as they hover around it, and are awaiting transporting the followers of the religion to another dimension, presumably a Utopia.

4. God’s King
Family lines were at one time deemed to be chosen by God to lead a country or empire and while that has fallen into disuse, there are some that still adhere to this concept. The Prince Philip Movement is considered to be a cult out of the Yaohnanen Tribe which is from the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. Followers of this cult believe that Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of England, is a divine being. Describing the prince as the ‘pale-skinned son of a mountain spirit’, the tribe base much of this off a legend that a son would travel overseas to a distant land, marry a powerful woman and return. Upon the visit from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to their island, villagers noticed her power and thus assumed that Philip was the divine one.

3. Cannibal Church
Technically a political organization, this group refers to itself and acts like a church in most respects including having music, sermons and the like. Where this group differs from mainstream religions is that they believe that the world is overpopulated… way overpopulated. The Church of Euthanasia encourages members to take direct action including taking one’s own life and avoiding procreating at all costs as well as advocating cannibalism to avoid burying bodies. Led by the Reverend Chris Korda in Boston, the Church has come under fire many times by police and government agencies for their strange behavior and beliefs.

2. Two By Two
Founded in 1848 in Oneida, New York, The Oneida Community believes that the Jesus Christ made his return to Earth already. Founder John Humphrey Noyes claimed that when Jesus returned to Earth, it made it possible for every person to achieve spiritual perfection while alive on Earth. The trick is that every person in the community is married to everyone else, thus eliminating single marriages. Called ‘The Swinger Church’ by some, The Oneida Community believes that everyone on Earth should consider themselves married to one another and would thus open up love and freedom of the soul.

1. Cthulu’s Little Boy
Pastafarians, the followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, don’t take themselves too seriously. In fact, that’s the whole point of the religion. The ‘story’ of the religion is that everything began with the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster who cooperated with pirates to bring good people to Earth. Believing that moral crises of our time originate from the slowly decreasing number of good pirates, Pastafarians tend to dress in pirate regalia and generally describe themselves as secular people trying to prove a point and in fact have very little in the way of true religious tenants… other than the funny stuff that is.

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