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SPYSHOTS: 2014 Perodua Viva Replacement Leaked Online, Interior Unveiled

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Posted : July 2014
Author : Chris Aaron

You’ve probably already seen exterior pictures of the car floating around the internet before, but here for the first time, is a view of the all-new Perodua model’s interior as well. The pictures were caught floating around online last night on social media. Having contacted the source and requested for its rights, here they are:

These are probably the best photos yet of the car, showcasing it pretty much completely undisguised. Not a bad looker, isn’t it? Making the biggest statement appears to be the elongated honeycomb-design front grille, which is quite bold as is. Could this be a sport variant of some sort? Time will tell. Around the back, you would be blamed for thinking this was a Myvi, with the rear bumper being very similar in design. The taillights don’t stretch vertically, just like the Daihatsu Ayla we understand this is based on.

Interior & Features:
The interior is as previewed by the Perodua Global Model A (GMA) Space at the KLIMS13 show back in November last year, apart from the fact that this particular unit has a large touch screen audio display system in the middle of it – another suggestion that this could be the highest-spec variant. Why? Remember what we saw at KLIMS13? That had a more regular CD player, similar to what’s available in the Perodua Myvi XT that was launched earlier this year, and the Myvi 1.3 SE. Further down, the three-knob AC controls look like a standard inclusion across the range of what we’ve seen in this model so far. The steering wheel is just as we remember it from the KLIMS13 show as well, with audio controls on it. Another hint that this could be a sportier variant of some sort is seen on the instruments, which from these pictures look like they’re straight off the upper Myvi variants, like the Myvi 1.5 Extreme.

Also previewed at the KLIMS13 show was a 1.0-litre engine, which is also based on a Daihatsu, this time their 1KR-DE three-cylinder mill. No performance figures were offered at the time, but seeing as how the aluminium-block engine is also used by models like the Toyota Aygo, and Daihatsu Ayla, you can expect some 65PS and 85Nm of torque – bear in mind that these may vary according to the fuels used.

Making the most of EEV incentives:
Most importantly is that this 1KR engine was specifically designed for the Indonesian market, to take advantage of their Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) initiatives. Here in Malaysia, our auto policy allow special “incentives” to be awarded to various Energy Efficient Vehicles, depending on their curb weights and fuel efficiency figures. No surprise then to see Perodua wanting to make the most of these incentives to reduce the prices of their cars.

In any case, this supposedly A-segment entry looks like it’s properly kitted and fitted, adopting many traits of its bigger and more successful brother, the Perodua Myvi. At the same time, you can also expect some pretty attractive prices to match. Will it be as good as Proton's coming Global Small Car?

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