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10 Of The Most Embarrassing And Awkward Breakups

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Posted : March 2012
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We have all been in relationships and we have all lived through the down falls of them. To say that they are painful is to say the least but to add insult to the already throbbing injury is to have a publicly embarrassing breakup. It is not necessarily one side that suffers through such a break up but it is for sure just one person who gets insulted. It is one thing to tell someone you have had enough, it is a whole other thing to make a public debacle out of it leaving the other person ashamed. If you think you have seen enough or have dealt with enough, read this. We are sure what ever it was that you went through, it wasn’t worse than these.

10. The Man Who Diveorced His Wife After Running Into Her In A Brothel
There was this Polish couple that had been married for about 14 years and what happened one day was that the husband went to a brothel (look who points the finger) and found his wife as an employee of the establishment. Well, well, well, didn’t he get the shock of his life. Apparently the wife was earning a little bit of extra pocket-money for herself. Well Mr Husband if you weren’t visiting brothels and would have been supporting your wife properly maybe it wouldn’t have come to this point. They rushed to get a divorce.

9. Jennifer's Boyfriend
It is one thing to end a relationship; it is another thing to actually insult the other person while doing so, and then a completely surreal act if you are publicizing the breakup to such an extent that you go ahead and put up banners on one of the busiest roads in your city. Well this is exactly what this Australian guy did when he wanted to break up with his girlfriend. A look at the picture above and you will get a pretty clear idea as to what the poor girl must have gone through. Embarrassment is a small word.

8. Broke Up After Seeing His Girlfriend And His Best Friend In A Porn Film Together
I guess accidentally seeing the girl of your dreams, the one you love, in a blue film and that too with your very own best friend might as well result in a heart attack. Imagine the shock of a guy when he saw his own girlfriend in one of the blue DVD films he rented to take home. Surely they didn’t stay together after that. We can’t help but think what the look on the poor man’s face would have been like. Pity him!

7. He Ran Away When She Went To The Airport Restroom
So this creep did not have the guts to tell his girl that he no longer wants to continue with the relationship to her face so he just took off. Just like that! The innocent girl went to use the lady’s room on the airport and the creep took off with his tail between his legs. We wonder how long would the girl have waited before she realized what had actually happened. Dumb jerks like that do not actually deserve girl friends. If only there was some law against such acts of shamelessness!

6. The Guy Who Hit On A Girl On Facebook Who Turned Out To Be His Girlfriend's Fake Account
This is one hilarious break rather than an embarrassing one we admit. The line that I loved the most was “I’ll pay for cab, what is your number”. This has to be one frustrated guy. Think of it, he is actually going out with a girl and she doesn’t even have a clue that they are done. The cheater is out looking for the first piece of trash that would respond to his pathetic statements. When they say MEN WILL BE MEN, I wonder exactly what that incorporates!

5. Breakup Over Having An Affair With Their Adopted Child
The breakup of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s relationship ended with a huge controversy which included adultery charges more or so than anything else. The tabloids reported that even though the two weren’t married yet despite being in a ten-year long relationship, they had a troop of adopted and biological children.The fact that Allen was having an affair with Farrow’s 21-year-old adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn is what eventually caused an abrupt end  to the relationship.

4. Setting Husband's Boat On Fire
We have heard about people being jealous of partners' admiration for a tv actor or actress but this is taking it way too literally. A woman in Florida got so jealous of her husband appreciating Jennifer Lopez’s curves in a movie they were watching together that she fumed up and left the house. She did show up the next day only to set her husband’s boat, his Jacuzzi, and his go-kart to fire. This is not all, she also packed his dogs in her car and told him that she was going to put them to sleep. All this while he was at the neighbours.

3. Guy Sets Girlfriend's Wardrobe On Fire
So there is this couple at a party with another couple and they drink a bit too much. The girl sensibly takes a cab back home and hours later when the completely wasted guy shows up, he slams the apartment door right off the hook and then starts shouting at his girl friend as to why she made him drink. In all his glory and to apparently get a revenge on his girl, he lights up her wardrobe which obviously bursts into flames. The sprinkler system saved their apartment from a complete burn down but cost the guy his relationship. We are totally in favor of this dying down! Boo-hoo!

2. Break Over A Misunderstanding
There have been a lot of times when in a relationship you say a few things out of anger, influenced by the situation at hand. Well this girl called Em in particular went a little too far. She actually forgot that her boyfriend was on a two weeks tour to Europe and when she couldn’t get through to him, she started sending him nasty emails. It was a given that when the guy eventually returned he broke up with her, psychotic as she was.

1. The High School Prom
We see a trend with high school prom nights that they bring together as many people as they throw apart. This particular girl for instant decided right before prom night that she and her boyfriend are not meant to be together and that she is done. So the boyfriend requests that she at least go to the prom with him which she agrees too. They even have a complete date day before prom night and then he takes her to the prom. He dances with her all night and yet she dumps him right after prom is over. He still has to go and drop her back. Cry if you want to over the misery of the poor guy but we personally think that is one embarrassing breakup that the guy will convey to his grandchildren too.

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