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Things I Didnt Know About Our Planet Earth

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I was surprised I didnt know this about our planet Earth… Here are some of the crazy facts about our planet.
Underwater Volcano Fukutoku Okanaba Eruption
Millions of Volcanoes are stirring beneath the world’s oceans. It has been estimated that a total of 3,477,403 volcanoes exists under the ocean and 90% of all volcanic activity happens under the ocean.

Coast of Tonga Ocean Volcano

Earths core
The temperature of Earth’s core is 10,800 F. That’s same as the surface (photosphere) emitting solar flare at 10,000 F.

Earth’s Core (Gold)
Earth’s core contains 1.6 quadtrillion tons of gold. Thats 99% of the gold on earth.

Earth’s Orbit 
Humans have polluted earth’s orbit from 150 miles to 22,500 miles pretty bad. Debris from manmade objects fall back to earth every single day. There are 21,000 objects larger than 10 cm orbiting the Earth and the orbit is so polluted that International Space Center has to be moved often to avoid collision with these objects.

International Space Station 
International Space Station is the most expensive man made object build with a cost of a whopping USD 150 Billion.

Earth from space 
The furthest picture of earth was taken by Voyager spacecraft in 1990 from a distance of 3.7 billion Miles. Here’s how it looks. Who can tell from the picture that this tiny blue dot harbors intelligent life.

Ozone layer shrinking chart 
Contrary to the popular belief that humans are destroying Ozone and widening the hole, it has been reported that the Ozone layer actually shrinked to record low in 2013. 

Lightning Strikes 
Earth is hit by 8640000  lightening strikes per day or 6000 lightening strikes every minute or 100 strikes a second, 360000 strikes per hour!!! Unbelievable!!

Ocean Reefs 
Antartica has as much ice as the Atlantic Ocean has water. An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under ocean surface. The oceans contain about 99% of the living space on earth. The pacific contains about 25,000 islands, thats more than the total number of rest of the world’s oceans combined.
Morovo Lagoon Solomon Islands 

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