Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Funniest Useless Signs Ever

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Text by : Lesli Bay

15. You Can't Be Serious

14. Don't Trust The Pets

13. Don't Even Think About Touching The Edges

12. Beware Of Pokemons

11. Trust Us. It's Not The Best Place For Your Car

10. So, Please Don't Ask If We Have A Thing You're Holding In Your Arms

9. Let's Talk About It

8. No Brain? What A Pity!

7. Everybody, Dance Now!

6. It's A Car!

5. So, Please, If You Want To Talk To Walls, Turn On Your Computer!

4. Oh, We Thought It Was Just A Yeti

3. No Signs, Ladies And Gentlemen

2. Trees Don't Move

1. Beware Of Dry Paint And Useless Signs

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