Sunday, February 2, 2014

Poison Apple Seeds

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Author : Mark Beselt

Weird Fact: Apple seeds are poisonous.
Apple seeds contain cyanide. And while your body can cope with the small amounts found in the seeds of just one apple, it is certainly possible to eat enough that you die.

Now don’t worry too much - swallowing the seeds whole isn’t so bad. The poison is on the inside of the hard outer shell and you’ll likely just pass them whole. However, chewing on the seeds (and thereby releasing the cyanogenic acids) in moderate quantities can provoke a serious toxic reaction.

Apple seeds are poisonous and contain cyanide. Symptoms of apple seed poisoning include:
* Headache
* Dizziness
* Confusion
* Anxiety
* Vomiting
* Difficulty breathing
* Increased blood pressure
* Increased heart rate
* Convulsions
* Kidney failure
* Coma

If you do accidentally swallow a couple of apple seeds (or cherry pits or seeds from peaches, plums, pears, almonds or apricots for that matter – as they all contain cyanogenic glycosides) don’t worry about it. Your body can handle it. But if you get carried away at an apple eating competition, or find yourself compulsively chewing on the pits of cherries, just be conscious of that fact that you’re ingesting cyanide.

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