Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Beauty Of Math - An Illustrated Showcase

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Posted : March 2013
Author : Mickel

Math can be found almost everywhere - in cell phones, in computers and even in the nature. Today we are featuring 21 great examples of how math can be used to produce really fine digital art. Stay in school and become a modern artist that master the art of fractals! And meanwhile, check out this showcase for a little bit of inspiration! The featured image of this post is the beautiful Fleur D’apo, by Jeff. Most of these artworks were created using a freeware application called Apophysis. You can download the application for free to try your luck!

Hopes and Dreams


The Awakening III-Rebirth

The Manhattan Project

Vorpal Reflection

Christmas Star

Light phenomenon

Heart of Iron

Mechanized Microcosm

Fairy Flower V



Seventeen Minutes

Meditation Pool


Born Of Butterfly

Jellyfish Symphony

Optik fantastik


Elliptic Flow


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