Thursday, January 9, 2014

12 Floating Airports

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Author : David Galbraith

I combined two types of concept plan in this list that are very different but share the fact that they show an alternate universe where airports weren’t giant fields on the edge of cities. On the one hand there are the airports that literally float on water, and although these have become a reality with projects such as Kansai or military aircraft carriers, some of the original designs are for runways floating on rivers right in the middle of cities. Here the concept overlaps with the other type of floating airports: those that metaphorically float above the city on stilts - or over rather than on a river, via a structure like an overhead railroad. These concepts are not as unpractical as they appear, by using short-takeoff, quiet planes, London city airport is very close to the financial center of London and its a shame that aircraft haven’t been developed to allow some of these magnificent, early ambitions to have become a reality.

Rooftop airport design from Amazing Stories, 1928

Zeckendorf's 1946 idea to deck over midtown Manhattan

London Airport over Thames, 1930s

M Lurcat design for floating airport in middle of Paris

Norman Bel Geddes' design for a floating airport off Wall Street

Turntable runway, rooftop airport for cities

Proposed airport over Penn Station in NY, 1929

Skyscraper airport design concept, 1930

Edward Armstrong Seadrome

Japanese Megafloat Concept Airport

aerial landing field on blimp

Floating runways for seaplanes


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