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10 Countries That Are Number 1 In Remarkable Categories

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Ranking countries based on different categories is a very common practice nowadays. And it gives an unexplainable thrill when your country bags the top spot among these rankings – at least to pleasant categories like being the happiest country, the country that has the fastest internet connection, or the country that has the most world beauty pageant titles. While Denmark takes pride being the happiest country, Japanese women takes pride for having the longest life expectancy rate. However, unfortunately, Mexico steals from US the first spot when it comes to highest obesity rate. Check out whether your country bags a first spot in this list of 10 Countries that are Number 1 in remarkable categories!

10. Mexico - Obesity
Before, the country with the highest obesity rate is the United States. However, recently, Mexico has somehow surpassed the US by just one percent according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization report. Mainly due to the heavy consumption of soft drinks and instant meals, which have replaced home-cooked meals, Mexico earned 32.8 percent adult obesity rate this year. According to the report of the World Health Organization, an average Mexican consumes 163 liters of soda per year!

9. Switzerland - Not Bribing
Bribing is a very common practice all over the world, especially when it comes to the government and businesses - except in Switzerland. Yes, this land of yummy chocolates is also good when it comes to being honest in their transactions. According to the Bribe Prayers Index, the Swiss are the least likely group of people to bribe. In comparison, the most likely group of people to bribe comes from countries of China and Russia.

8. Argentina - National Holidays
If you are an employee or a student, you would want to work or study in Argentina. Why? Because it is the top country that has the most number of public holidays! Currently, this festive country has 19 national holidays. The recent addition to the list is the federal holiday on September 24th to commemorate the Battle of Tucuman. According to its President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, this move was intended to promote tourism within the locals of Argentina and consequently improve their economy. As a result, the country has a minimum of one holiday per month!

7. Italy - Go-Karts
Italy has always been very good and competitive when it comes to any kind of sport, so it is no surprise that it is also the number one country when it comes to Go-Karts. Just browse the list of winners in the karting world championship and you will not even doubt the Italian's karting prowess! Since 1964, when the world competition started, Italy had been continuously bringing home the bacon. Although they did not win this year, their recent champion was in 2012 - followed by many other years.

6. Russia- Diamonds
Considering Russia as the top diamond producing country in the world came as a shock recently because African countries, like Bostwana, had always been dominating the diamond industry for quite some time. Currently, Russia produces 34,759,400 carats, accounting for 27.85% of the world's diamond supply. Because of its geographical location, the country is tremendously rich in natural resources, even in petroleum.

5. Venezuela - Beauty Pageants
The land of beautiful women - Venezuela has always been considered as having the most gorgeous women in the world. And they continue to prove it (on national televisions!) as they continue bagging the top spots in world beauty pageants or the Big 4. Currently, they have earned the most coveted titles 21 times, which is five more than US and 11 more than India. They earned seven Miss Universe crowns, six Miss World crowns, six Miss International crowns and two Miss Earth crowns.

4. United States - Billionaires
According to the Wealth-X and UBS Consensus Report, the United States shelters about 515 billionaires in the world. Combined together, these billionaires have a net worth of $2,064 billion, making the US the top country with the largest billionaire population! At 157 billionaires, China follows as second placer with a net worth of $384 billion, a mere one-fifth from what the US holds.

3. Japan - Longest Life Expectancy Rate (Women)
According to the report of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Industry, an average Japanese woman can enjoy life for 86.41 years. Because of this, Japan holds again the top spot (against Hong Kong) for the longest life expectancy rate. However, Japanese men have shorter life span than women. What are the main factors for their long lives? It is a combination of a healthy diet of fresh fish and vegetables, efficient health insurance by their government, exercising and less reliance on cars, and their ability to stay calm and composed.

2. Hong Kong - Fastest Internet
Although Hong Kong lost to Japan when it comes to life expectancy rate, they compensate it for being the top country with the fastest internet connection! How cool is that, right? According to the report of the Akamai Technologies, internet connection in HK is blazing fast with a speed of 54.1 megabits per second. With that speed, you can expect to download a 2-hour movie in just 4 minutes! Aside from that, content censorship is also virtually nonexistent in HK!

1. Denmark - Happiest
Recently, the United Nations released its second World Happiness Report, which ranks different countries based on their happiness level. In this report, Nordic countries apparently take the top spots of the list with Denmark as the first placer. Denmark is followed by its other neighbors like Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Sweden. The report based its ranking from numerous factors such as GDP per head, life expectancy, freedom from corruption, prevalence of generosity, among others. Overall, Denmark has a mark of 7.7!


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