Monday, December 30, 2013

15 Future Technologies That Should Scare You

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Lab Grown Meat
If you're wondering what you're actually eating at McDonald's, those questions may increase within the next ten years. Lab grown meat is a process that is constantly being developed and perfected. Scientists have grown their own beef and eggs, reaching edible stages.

The Cuddlebot
Think Angry Cat is creepy? Try petting the Cuddlebot. Created to relieve stress, this piece of fur features the natural movements that we feel when petting an animal. Who knows when Cuddlebot will transform and go after our real pets.

Like A Fish Underwater Breathing System
Special technology dubbed as “Like a Fish” will allow humans to breathe in water, transfer the oxygen out and swim with the fishes. Once the technology is mastered, who knows how many underwater cities will develop and territorial ownership problems will begin.

Iron Man can exist! Except that when the military starts implementing all of these exoskeletons into battle, the only victims will be innocent bystanders as the violence and attacks increase to try and destroy the machines.

Caffeine Spray
Spray tans were one thing, but now spray caffeine is starting to hit the market. Not only will people get quick energy boosts, but other things like spray alcohol will likely follow.

Cyberbug Drones
Today's drones are the size of airplanes and pretty visible in the sky. The future of the drone is known as the Cyberbug. With the ability to enter almost any location, the drone can record sounds, gather information and create privacy nightmares.

Tube Trains
Zoom to your location in less than an hour on futuristic tube trains. Not only will this cause major hassle problems, but more of nature will be dug up along the way to install these tube trains.

Synthetic Alcohol
Synthetic alcohol will provide the buzz of real drinks, but without the hangover in the morning. The problem: People usually never know their limits. Who knows how it will be mixing regular alcohol and synthetic ones.

BCI Machines
Are we really too lazy to use a mouse? BCI Machines allow people to control computers with their mind. The scary part is when the opposite starts happening. Computer viruses have done amazing things and we knows they will effect the brain.

X-Ray Vision Apps
MIT workers have discovered that pinging Wi-Fi signals can be used to detect movement between walls. Eventually the technology will be used to show full x-ray vision, creating a lot of privacy issues for people.

Speech Jammer
The Speech Jammer gun could be the ultimate prank tool or become a huge problem for public speeches, protests and more. The device instantly records the speech and plays it back on a slight delay. This causes major confusion in the brain and people cannot process their own thoughts.

Google Street View Car
Google is developing a car that can drive itself based off advanced GPS systems, cameras and sensors. The problem: sometimes Google Maps could lead you straight off a cliff instead of a right on Cliff St.

Winged Rollercoasters 
This technology is scary just from the experience. Amusement parts are constantly increasing thrills. The winged roller coasters make it feel like you're not even on the track.

Edible Packages
Scientists have been working on ways to create edible packing. This will reduce the amount of garbage in landfills, but it will also require use to examine boxes and cases to make sure no one has taken a bite.

Anti-Aging Research
Anti-aging products are all over infomercials, but true scientists are working on ways to increase human life without plastic surgery. Starting with worms, their research has allowed their life to be doubled. Once transferred to humans, you're looking at population increases and too many problems.


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