Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Strange Food Special!

People would eat the darnedest things, depending on their cultural background and love of unique experiences. The point of this page is to find the food that is not necessarily disgusting (in most cases it's only a matter of taste), but such food - and things made from food - that cause us to stop in the tracks and think twice before bringing it to our mouths.

Geek-oriented food:
(chocolate bar)

Speaking of chocolate... you can lick the whole chocolate-covered Jeep!

Be nice to your coffee...

and it will be nice to you...

When you eat, mind the little scavengers:

Anime Food

Love your favorite anime characters? Have them with rice!

Asian creativity is put to good use in Hong Kong's fast-food establishments:

Aggressive Food

Over-grown Food:

Source : http://www.funonthenet.in

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