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8 Unbelievable Stories of Surviving Amazing Stabbing Wounds

By Grace Murano
All these stories are about miraculous survival from death through serious stabbings that normally would cause catastrophic results. Be informed that the picture that follows each article is quite graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

1. The teenager who survived accidental sword stabbing
Zhang Bin, a 15-year-old boy who was stabbed in the head with a large sword, has miraculously survived. The teenager had invited school friends to his house, but one guest brought the dangerous weapon. Measuring 50cm, it's not known exactly how the sword penetrated 5cm deep into Zhang's forehead. However, he was lucky to be alive after doctors at a local hospital refused to operate – citing inexperience. ‘Three classmates came to visit me at home and one of them brought a sword. He stood 7-9 feet away from me,' explained Zhang as he recovered in bed. ‘I don't know how the sword could fly to me and stab into my head. ‘I felt sharp pains and a large amount of blood streamed down.' After being turned away by local doctors, the boy was then faced with a four-hour drive to the nearest hospital in Changsha where surgeons delicately removed the object.

2. The woman who was stabbed with 15cm knife and didn't notice
This mugging victim had a six inch knife plunged deep into her back - and she didn't even feel it. The shocking picture shows the blade sticking out just above Julia Popova's shoulders and blood pouring from the wound. Incredibly the 22-year-old, who was knifed by a mugger on her way home from work, failed to notice the appalling injury and managed to calmly stroll to safety. The office worker had grappled with her attacker when he snatched her handbag as she walked to her parents' house in the Russian capital Moscow. But she was so shocked by the ordeal she didn't know that the thug had buried a kitchen knife in her neck just fractions of an inch from her spinal cord. When she got home her horrified parents rushed her to hospital where surgeons managed to remove the blade without damaging Julia's spine. One medic said: "Shock had kicked in and her body prevented her from feeling any pain. She simply walked home without feeling the knife in her back."

3. The soldier who survived a stab-wound to head
A soldier survived being knifed in the forehead by an insurgent. Doctors estimate that at least four inches of the knife was plunged into his head. The attack occurred at a cordoned-off blast site. What saved him was medical know-how, great logistics and quite a lot of teamwork.

4. The duck who survived a stabbing attack in a park
A female mallard found stabbed in the back in a city park was recovering after being treated at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center. Center officials nicknamed the duck "Lucky," and offered a $1,000 reward for information about the stabbing. The mallard was spotted in Huntington Beach Central Park near the Breakfast in the Park restaurant with a large pocketknife stuck in her upper-right back. The mallard was taken to an emergency animal clinic, where the blade was removed and the wound treated for infection. Center veterinarians noticed the blade came within a centimeter on either side of vital organs, prompting them to name the duck "Lucky." Huntington Beach police and California Department of Fish and Game officers are investigating the incident. Federal and state laws protect birds throughout the county, with punishments including steep fines and jail time. Volunteers at the center suspect the stabbing might have been the work of a teenager or child, but say they want to confirm why the duck was injured and seek the appropriate penalty. The duck, a juvenile with very limited flying ability, was probably easier to target and catch.

5. The teenager who survived stabbing himself in the head with a pair of scissors
A 19-year old man from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg has survived after stabbing himself in the head with a pair of scissors. The man, Mark Makarenkov, was having an argument with his girlfriend and after she left, he suddenly grabbed the scissors and stabbed himself in the temple. Makarenkov's mother called for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. The surgeons carried out an operation to remove the scissors which was embedded 5 centimeters into his skull, but luckily did not damage his brain or eye. After learning of the brutal incident, his girlfriend rushed to the hospital and begged for forgiveness, with reasons undisclosed.

6. The teenager who survived a kitchen knife attack
This harrowing picture shows an x-ray of a 15-year-old boy's skull after a five inch knife was plunged into his head. Amazingly the teenager survived the stabbing and ten months on from the attack has enrolled in college. The boy and two other youngsters were attacked when they tried to stop a friend being robbed at a bus stop in London. The muggers used a kitchen knife to stab one boy in the forehead, another twice in the back and a third in the shoulder. He survived because he was rushed to hospital with the knife still sticking out of his head and doctors managed to operate in time. Surgeons said if anyone had tried to take it out he would have died.

7. The man who survived having a sword being stabbed to his eye socket
A 23-year-old man has survived an operation after he was thrust into his left orbit with a sword. Bui Ngoc Tuan, from the central province of Thanh Hoa, had a row with two cab drivers over the taxi fares after they had taken him together with 10 other people back to their hotel in Dong Hoi City of the central province of Quang Binh. The ten are part of a group comprising 30 people, also from Thanh Hoa, who dropped by Dong Hoi on their way home after travelling with Tuan to Da Nang and Quang Tri Provinces in central Vietnam. The cab drivers, after a while, called in a gang who then rushed to attack the passengers with sticks, knives, and swords. One of them suddenly thrust a 50-centimeter sword into Tuan's left eye socket. The others were slightly hurt. Tuan was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, and then sent to Hue central hospital in Thua Thien Hue Province as local doctors said the wound was truly serious. He survived the operation at the latter hospital though the sword penetrated almost 10 cm deep inside the orbit. His eye was luckily not damaged and neither was any part of his brain, doctors at Hue hospital confirmed.

8. The dog that survived being stabbed to the head during a burglary
This brave dog sits calmly with her owner - just minutes after burglars stabbed an eight inch blade into her skull. The six-year-old family pet, named Bella, needed emergency surgery to remove the protruding knife after the horrific incident. This shocking picture shows how the robbers narrowly missed the animal's eyes as they plunged the deadly blade into her forehead. Bella's owner Vernon Swart said he feared the worst when he saw the knife sticking out of her skull following the attack at his home in South Africa. He said: "I was in the house when the neighbors called to say our dog was running around in the street with a massive knife in her head. I didn't believe them but when I went outside I saw it for myself. The neighbors said they had caught intruders trying to enter their home and they must have then tried to get into my place when Bella attacked them in our garden. I feared the worst and assumed she was going to die, but incredibly she was running around as if nothing had happened." Mr Swart, a professional artist from Stellenbosch near Cape Town, said he rushed Bella to the vet for surgery after the stabbing. The vet couldn't believe what he was seeing and said he had no idea how Bella had survived. The eight inch diver's knife was later handed to the police as evidence after the surgery. Meanwhile Bella was recovering at home after her ordeal.

Bonus 1:
Survived after a railroad pipe impaled him through the skull
Phineas Gage is a famous psychological case. He worked building the railroads in the U.S. When using dynamite to blow up sections of mountains, the workers would stick metal pipes in the rock to help. With the force of the explosion, one of the pipes flew through the air and impaled Gage from the top of the skull, through his brain, and finally past his jaw. After surgeons of the time removed the pipe, Gage was free to go back to his normal life. Unfortunately for him and his family, the pipe damaged the personality section of his brain and he later became mean, depressed, and a loner.

Bonus 2:
Chinese CounterStrike gamer stabbed in the head for cheating
Playing CounterStrike was never very friendly, what with the cutthroat competition from across the world for the #1 multiplayer FPS ever. But things in a small town in the Jilin province of China seem to have gone too far. Imagine a cyber cafe in a small Chinese town, filled with young gamers and people simply checking their e-mail, where a game of CounterStrike is being played. Some youths, possibly from the same clan, noticed another young dude (17-year old) cheating, using a “wallhack” to see through walls. Ironically, this ability to “see through walls” in the game led to the opposite coming true in the real world, where the young cheater did not realise he was being watched while he was doing his dirty work.
A fight ensued, moved outside the cafe, and resulted in the young cheater being stabbed right through the head (yes, the head!) with a 30cm knife that entered from his left temple to jam into the other side of the skull (trying to close the valve!). It seems that he remained conscious, and was transferred to the hospital by ambulance where doctors began to operate immediately. They succeeded in removing the knife, which had somehow miraculously missed all major arteries, without causing a haemorrhage or damage to the motor control areas through which the knife passed. To further steam up the issue, after the 10 hour operation, doctors noted that the knife used was rusty, and have therefore kept the undeserving victim of CounterStrike honour for observation in case pieces of rust that may have remained cause any problems.
The cafe will obviously suffer negative publicity, apart from facing some serious arm-twisting from the government, as one of the reasons for its popularity was that it did not enforce the “draconian restrictions” placed on cyber cafes in China. Phew! This gives 'letting off some steam' a new meaning!

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