Thursday, August 22, 2013

15 Useful Inventions In The World

#15 The Reversible Bench
If you’ve ever sat on a wet bench, you will definitely appreciate the invention from the Korean firm Sungwoo Park. They created a bench that can be dried with just one movement. You turn the hand crank, and it unveils the dry side of the seat. As simple as that! 

#14 Pills-To-Go
Designed by Pristman Good, it aims to help those who often need to take pills but don’t have a glass of water handy to wash them down. A little package can hold an aspirin and water together. How come pharm companies haven’t caught on to this invention yet? 

#13 Doorbell with Stats
If you’re a tech geek, then this is definitely a must-have for you. Do you need to know how many visitors you have per month? Or maybe you want to know their average age and weight. Not a problem! Just like you can get statistics for your website, you can learn everything about your apartment’s visitors from this doorbell. 

#12 Staircase Drawers
The area underneath the stairs is perfectly usable. Staircase drawers are an absolutely brilliant idea for those who are looking for space-saving tricks. Who would have thought that such small places could have so much space inside! 

#11 Two-Way-Toothpaste
Its creator, Dominic Wilcox, says that his invention will be especially appreciated by those who get angry with their partner for not squeezing the toothpaste up from the bottom. From a practical point of view, this toothpaste tube will always get out the last drop!

#10 Secure Flower Planter
If you take care of your flowers, then you will obviously understand the art of this invention. Designed by Greenbo, this planter can be placed on a railing or fence.

#9 Butter Stick
Why use a knife for butter when you can use a butter stick? This “device” from Japan would be a good addition to any kitchen.

#8 Bike Jacket With Turn Signals
If you like to ride your bike at night, you definitely understand the importance of visibility. With this jacket, which has LED lights and wrist-mounted switches for control, you can add a bit of safety to your speed.

#7 Big-Eye Needle
Threading can be a pleasure with this big-eye loop! Designed by Woo Moon-Hyung, it’s made of some
brand-new metal. The tiny loop expands to the size of a button. Forget your sore thumbs. 

#6 Broom Slippers
Walking around your apartment and literally doing nothing has never been so helpful. Such slippers are a brilliant innovation for lazy people. Or… Don’t tell us you believed they can actually clean something….

#5 Fruit Sweaters
You read it right. These hand-made sweaters are made for fruits, to warm them up quickly after taking them out of the fridge. Just imagine – you grab a peach from your fridge, put some clothes on it, and once it’s warmed up, eat it with pleasure! It’s a real way out for those who have very sensitive teeth. 

#4 Pizza Scissors
Pizza lovers, this is for you. Stop suffering from burned hands and spilled toppings. This kitchen tool consists of scissors to cut a slice of pizza and a spatula to pick it up. It costs around $12.

#3 Bottleclip
Simplicity is genius. With this bottleclip that can be placed on any bike, you will be sure that your bottle of water, or anything else, is always with you.

#2 Carpet Alarm Clock
Get out of bed. Awakening has never been as simple as it is with this alarm clock. To turn it off, you need to actually wake up and step on the carpet. Designed by Sofie Collin and Gustav Lanberg, it’s still only a concept design and not yet available for purchase.

#1 Lipstick Mask
No more smeared lipstick and unpretty angles without it. With such a mask, painting can be a real art! Just don't show anybody how you do it.

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