Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Most Innovative Lamps

Nowadays, it’s not enough for instruments to just fulfill the function they were originally designed for. As people become more stylish as well as competitive, they need their furniture to be distinctive to match their lifestyle. For this very reason, the following classy desk lamps have been created. Read on to know more.

1) Electric wire lamp
What makes this lamp so attractive is its simplicity. It consists of a normal electric wire inserted into aluminium clamps on the table. The electrical cord is unbreakable so that it can hold the light bulb at the end.

2) The Nepa lamp
The nepa lamp designed by Giles Godwin-brown is a two-dimensional outline of a lamp. It stands six feet tall and is outfitted with friction hinges to allow the piece to pivot away from the wall.

3) Mushroom lamp
These adorable mushroom lamps come in a variety different colors including red, green, orangle, purple, pink and blue. They will brighten up your desk any day!

4) Alien Abduction lamp
This extraordinary lamp gives an illusion of hovering on your table. The beam of light coming from underneath the lamp lands on an innocent cow.

5) Keyboard lamp
If you want inspiration to work then this lamp is ideal for you. It is made up of glowing pieces of the keyboard’s Ctrl, Shift, Delete and Escape keys in larger sizes. They emit an air of technology.

6) Floodlamp
If you want all the excitement of a big football game right in your own home or office then this is the lamp for you. Taking inspiration from the game of football, this lamp is trendy and sensible.

7) Fresh
Inspired by high, wet grass this reading lamp has been designed by American designer Victor Vetterlein. Heavy moisture has bent the wet grass and the water droplets are strengthening sunlight.

8) Car Lamp
This lamp is a must have for all car enthusiasts. The designer has paid attention to every detail and includes real carbon fiber on the base and the arm. It is made out of high quality billet aluminium.

9) Security camera
Keen to play a prank on your employees or colleagues? This lamp will do just the trick. It’s been cleverly designed to look like a security camera when actually it’s a light.

10) Terrorized Earthling lamp
This magnificent lamp can be made by you right in your very own home. It consists of 45 RPM records, leather, a sink drainer, etc and added fiber optics.

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