Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3 Top Cafes For Coffee In Kuala Lumpur

These cafes certainly know how to brew a good cup of coffee. Nothing can beat a hot cuppa joe in the morning that perks you up and is made using the finest beans by some of the most experienced baristas in town. These three places are the best for a cup of coffee and you'll certainly get your fix.

Artisan Roast
Artisan Roast aims to educate their customers on the intricacies of coffe.Winner of the Best Coffee Award at the Time Out KL Food awards 2012, Artisan Roast certainly knows how to brew a delicious cup of coffee. Run by coffee expert Michael Wilson from New Zealand, the coffee here is brewed with pure passion. The beans are roasted once every two weeks and it is in using single origin beans that sets them apart from commercial coffee joints who tend to use a house blend. "Single origin beans are a challenge to work with because they can be extreme in characteristics. It can be difficult to get the right taste. In roasting our own beans we can create our own flavour profile," says Wilson. 
They aim to educate customers on how to enjoy coffee. Their cafes have a flow chart that aids you in making the right decision based on how you like to enjoy your java. “Customers should be open to tasting coffee. A proper cup will have a balance of acidity, bitterness and sweetness and should not need sugar,” he says. If you're an amateur coffee drinker go for the latte which is smooth and creamy. Experts will enjoy the short black which is strong with just the right amount of bitterness. A unique drink found here is the red latte which is made with Rooibus, a herbal bush tea. This is a decaf option that gives you the frothy enjoyment of a latte without the bitter caffeinated zing.
Artisan Roast, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Village II, Bangsar

Espresso Lab 
Espresso Lab makes a fine cup of coffee and their baristas are expertly trained. If there's one spot that has great coffee it'll be the one that provides barista training, coffee appreciation classes, and various workshops. Espresso Lab only does coffee a few ways. You can opt for an espresso shot, espresso with water, or an espresso with milk, ore commonly known as a latte. You won't find food here other than a few pastries and biscotti's as their only focus is on the coffee itself. 
At Espresso Lab only the finest tools are used. For the espresso machine they use a 3-group Synesso Cyncra. Beans come from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Ethiopia, Indonesia and India. They select the specialty grade of coffee which means only the top 20percent of coffee produced worldwide. The coffee here is rich and deeply fragrant with a smoothness that can only come from expertise and brewing at the right temperature. Lattes here are creamy and frothy with a slight bitter hint. Coffee can be enjoyed at the little cafe space, taken away at an additional cost, or they'll even deliver it around the Solaris Dutamas and Publika area.
Espresso Lab, D1-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Duta Kiara, +603 6211 0662

The Red Beanbag 
The Red Beanbag is a lovely Australian style cafe with a delicious cuppa joe. In following the trend of the contemporary Australian-inspired cafes, the Red Beanbag is a restaurant that provides good food and perfectly brewed coffee. The rustic industrial polished concrete interior with bursts of red and hanging bags of coffee beans gives this spot a funky cool vibe. It's the kind of place where you can sit and dwell over a cup of coffee or some food for hours and just let the day pass you by.
The coffee here is aromatic and divine. The froth on the lattes is creamy and fluffy. They add a bit of fun to your coffee experience by adding a Tim Tam Slam on the menu. This is where you can order a Tim Tam with a coffee of your choice. You're meant to bite off each end of the Tim Tam and use it as a chocolate biscuit straw. The Red Beanbag stays true to the authentic Australian coffee house experience. 
The Red Beanbag, A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas, +603 6211 5116

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