Sunday, March 31, 2013

Revolutionary Concept Spherical Solar Cells

The rethink certainly goes a long way to making solar energy more accessible and functional as we look towards a future of alternative energy sources. Japanese company Kyosemi has developed a revolutionary spherical micro solar cell that is capable of capturing sunlight from all directions. Called the Sphelar, the cell shuns the traditional flat substrate photovoltaic design and opts for much more efficient shape – the sphere. While traditional flat solar cells are easy to design and produce, their main problem is that their efficiency relies on their relative position to the sun. 

There are a variety of benefits to this multi-layered design shift to rounded cells. It means the mini dome shaped collection units don’t need to move to capture sunlight, making full use of the sun’s rays. These mini domes are located on a hemispheric base unit that also maximizes the exposure to the sun. The unique shape reduces the need for motors that often turn the flat panels, and because the units aren’t flat they require less surface area and can pack more units into a smaller space.

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