Sunday, October 28, 2012

8 Items That're Suck To Open

Yeah, this seems like a petty thing to b!tch about, but I guarantee that some of (or most of) these items you have cussed before. It really is mind boggling why a company would want to make the packaging of their product so irritating that the product would become undesirable. So, which of these items below have caused you some stress?

Clam Shell Packaging
Until doing this post I had no clue this even had a name. I always just thought it was called “what in God’s name were they thinking”. Ever cut your finger on this? I have.

Fruit Cups
Yes fruit cups. Yeah it peels easy at first, but you have to do a balancing act with the last bit to get the lid completely off, and then you always spill some of the juice on you no matter how easy you go. Does that syrup really need to be vacuumed in right at the lip of the cup?

Wired Toy Packaging
Ever bought your kid or yourself a toy and got it home and had to spend 30 minutes undoing the 25 wire ties they had holding the product in place? I have and it sucks. I’ve found that some heavy duty scissors work well, but why should I have to go through all that?

Chef Boyardee Cups
The concept is simple, but any minor error can cause a world of grief. If that metal puller that opens the lid breaks off before you get it open, you’re screwed. Then, if you are successful in getting it open, pulling the plastic lid off without hot steamy ravioli splattering on you can be a bit tricky.

Sealed CD Shrink Wrap
OMG! Why does it take a surgical knife to open these? It seems like to more you try and fail to open this the harder it becomes to get unwrapped. If you have bought a CD then I am sure you have had some pain because of this crap.

Plastic Ketchup Packets
I want to stress the plastic part, the metal packets are a ton easier to open. Here is the scenario: You get your order from your favorite fast food joint. You immediately have to eat some of the fries. This premature eating leaves your fingers a greasy mess. This greasy mess causes your fingers to completely destroy the plastic ketchup packet’s ability to open. Frustration ensues. Been there?

For you sorry saps that NEED to use them, the time to open them up never comes at the right moment. You are usually enraged with hormones and pulsing blood and will be thoroughly pissed by the time you get it opened and on. Don’t let that frustration keep you from using it though, unless you are in a monogamous relationship or married; the world doesn’t need your Aids. Wrap it up.

A Locked Door With No Keys
We have all, at some point, locked ourselves out of the house. It’s a frustrating feeling alone. Now, frantically start trying to pick your door lock with a credit card. That frustration just doubled. Some locks will allow you to successfully do this, but it’s going to take a a minimum of 47  minutes and 18 cusswords. (I’ve counted)

I’m sure I have left off dozens of other items that make you want to kill small kittens. We can discuss those in another post or in the comments.

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