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5 Weird Religious Beliefs

Fall of Mankind
In Christianity this term is referred to Adam’s and Eve’s loss of innocence after disobeying God’s instruction in Garden of Eden. Most Christian denominations believe that the fall corrupted the entire natural world, including human nature, causing people to be born into original sin, a state from which they cannot attain eternal life without the gracious intervention of God. When God created Adam and Eve, he originally made them sinless, and he intended for them to remain that way. But the eating of the forbidden fruit somehow transformed human nature. Some Christians believe that our natural tendency to sin is transmitted from generation to generation by male semen.

In Genesis, the first book of the Jewish and Christian Bibles, God creates Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, in His own image. God places them in the Garden of Eden and forbids them to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The serpent persuaded Eve to eat fruit from the forbidden tree. Eve shares the fruit with Adam and they immediately become ashamed of their nakedness.

According to Quran : God announced to the angels that He would create a vicegerent (man) on the earth. The angels questioned this, wondering why God would create something with the capacity to disobey Him: God then commanded the angels to prostrate (bow down) to Adam. The angels prostrated but Iblis (Satan), out of haughtiness, refused to bow. God cursed him because of his disobedience. Iblis sought respite and vowed to mislead Adam and his progeny. He misled Adam and his wife Eve to eat from a tree that was forbidden for them by God. Due to their disobedience, God ordered the removal of Adam and Eve out of paradise and down to earth. God promised that the earth will be a dwelling place for them and their children a limited time.

Temple underwear
A temple underwear is a type of underwear worn by members of some denominations of the Mormonism.Garments are worn both day and night and are required for any previously endowed adult to enter a temple. The undergarments are viewed as a symbolic or literal source of protection from the evils of the world. The men’s version looks like a t-shirt and long shorts with a space for your junk. The female version looks like baggy diapers.

Garment wearers are instructed not to adjust the garment or wear it in a way that would accommodate the wearing of what the church considers to be immodest clothing. This includes uncovering areas of the body that would normally be covered by the garment, such as the shoulders and lower thighs. Members are instructed to keep garments clean and mended and to refrain from displaying them or exposing them to the view of others who may not understand their significance.

Satī is a religious funeral practice among some Indian communities in which a recently widowed woman either voluntarily or by use of force and coercion would have immolated herself on her husband’s funeral The practice is rare and has been outlawed in India since 1829.

The term is derived from the original name of the goddess Sati, also known as Dakshayani, who self-immolated because she was unable to bear her father Daksha’s humiliation of her (living) husband Shiva. The term may also be used to refer to the widow herself. The term sati is now sometimes interpreted as “chaste woman.”

Selling Soul to Devil
This is one of the most commonly believed myths in west. According to some Christianity books a person can get unlimited benefits , divine powers and whatever he desires in exchange for his soul. You just have to sign a pact with devil and you are blessed in this world, but signing the pact means; after the end of this life , you will have to burn in hell forever.

To sell your soul to devil you need to have: 1 or more black, blue or red candles, a sterilized needle or razor, a piece of clean paper, large enough to write the prayer, a dry pen, where you sign your name in blood. Just dip the pen in your blood and write the Devil’s prayer, sign it and hand it our to the devil, you are done. In return devil promises everything: money, fame, women, no disease will ever effect you. But again, remember after the end of this life you will burn in hell forever.

Incorruptibility is a Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox belief that supernatural intervention allows some human bodies to avoid the normal process of decomposition after death as a sign of their holiness. Bodies that reportedly undergo little or no decomposition, or delayed decomposition, are sometimes referred to as incorrupt or incorruptible. Many incorrupt bodies produce a distinctive scent known as the “Odor of Sanctity”, which resembles the fragrance of rose blossoms. Some of these bodies also have a miraculous power to heal sick people who touch the preserved flesh.

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