Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Craziest Obsessions

Would you know if you were ever obsessed with something? The line between liking and obsessions is often unidentifiable by the obsessed but others around them can tell when things go a little or a lot out of control. A mere liking turns into an obsession when you throw your life out of balance to follow something to a crazy extent. When you follow something or do something you like but also keep a healthy balance in life and keep following most of your regular routine things are under control. However, the minute you start thinking about an activity, something or someone day in day out, you skip meals, skip work and fall sick but nothing seems to get your mind off it you, my friend, are obsessed. We have heard of people who are obsessed with love, power, shoes, shopping, getting thin, pets, celebrities, body art, collectibles etc. But the obsessions we will share with you today are a little out of the ordinary and mind-boggling. These are regular activities that have gone out of bounds for some very regular people.

Obsession To Attend Funerals
A very unique obsession but it exists in this world. A 42 year old Brazilian man has been known to be obsessed with attending funerals so much so that he quit his job to be able to do this dedicatedly. He has never missed a funeral in his town Batatais. This obsession was triggered by his father’s death in 1983 and since then he has been regularly searching for funerals every morning when he wakes up. He checks on radio, TV, newspapers and calls hospitals and morgues to know which funerals he has to attend that day. The people of his town now expect to see him there.

Obsession To Chew On Ice
This obsession even has a name of its own – Pagophagia – is an obsession to chew on ice or consume icy drinks in abundance just so you get to chew on ice. This obsession is triggered by deficiency of iron in the body so anemic patients are typically found obsessed with chewing on ice. Remember that those obsessed with chewing ice don’t just wait for the opportunity to be able to indulge they create these opportunities and often keep ice handy. They have freezers full of ice cube trays even in winters just to make sure they have ice available to chew at all times. Some people have been known to skip meals to chew on ice, some hide in their office kitchens to satisfy this urge.

Obsession With Objects
Objectophilia is no ordinary obsession with objects. It is a form of obsession where people are scared to commit emotionally and physically with people and instead commit to objects. Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer of Germany fell in love with the Berlin wall when she first saw it on TV at the age of seven. She got obsessed with it and started planning her ‘meeting’ and collecting pictures of it. In 1979, on her 6th visit to the wall she tied the knot with the wall and in a small ceremony with few people she wed the wall. Berliner-Mauer in her name literally means Berlin Wall.

Obsession With Wool Clothing
There is a whole bunch of people who are actually obsessed with wool clothing so much so that they knit thick full body suits made out of wool and wear these the whole time. Often they cover their faces as well as most of their other body parts that are typically not covered while dressing up like hands and feet. Most of them are advanced knitters themselves and knit their own suits.

Obsessed With Big Macs
I thought I was a little obsessed with burger eating until I learned that Don Gorske of America is obsessed with the Big Mac so much that he has been having at least 2 Big Macs every day for the last 39 years. The first day he discovered the burger he had a total of 9 Big Macs the same day in three trips – he just kept going back – it was obsession in first bite. The following months he had an average of 8.5 Big Macs every day. Today, Big Mac constitutes 90% of his solid food intake and just last year (in 2011) he reached a landmark and had his 25,000th Big Mac.

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