Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Most Unusual Guitars of All Time

Do you know how many of musicians in the world who, like Mauro Giuliani, have started their performance on the cello or violin, and then discovered the magic of guitar? The perfect instrument of great technical capabilities and emotional timbre that strikes right to the heart, is so popular that we can not imagine playing without it for many years back. Whether classical or electric, guitar is an instrument that connects the generations of musicians, listeners, and builders. Make it more interesting, the better, more expensive, the quirky guitar for the builders of this instrument has become such a challenge, so that is increasingly competing in this area. Let them race, and we’ll enjoy watching and of course listening to this magical instrument.

Note : there are many more weird and unusual guitars which readers can search through the internet. What is shown here is only a portion of those...

Source : http://www.weirdexistence.com

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