Monday, February 6, 2012

Volkswagen Vento In India Catches Fire

A Volkswagen Vento midsized sedan, caught fire when owner of the car, 40 year old Mr Kailash Suresh Gupta tried to start the vehicle. Mr Gupta, who owns a grocery shop in Pune, was out exercising early Monday morning. After exercising, Mr Gupta headed for some breakfast to a restaurant on FC Road. Once he was done with breakfast, Mr Gupta headed to his VW Vento 1.6L TDI, which was parked near Vaishali restaurant on FC Road.

The minute Mr Gupta tried to ignite his VW Vento, it caught fire, leaving no time for him to react. Within seconds the entire car was seen burning. Thanks to courageous passersby, Mr Gupta was rescued and taken to a nearby hospital where it was stated that he had suffered 60% burns on his face, legs and hands.

Police officer who is looking into the matter, later reported, "Around 7.40 am, when he got into his car again and started it, the vehicle suddenly caught fire. Gupta was stuck inside the car. Alert citizens on the road broke the glass panes and pulled him out of the burning car, saving his life."

By the time Fire Brigade officials arrived, the black VW Vento was burning up in flames. Fire Brigade officials managed to douse the burning Vento in few minutes. Mr Rajesh Jagtap, Fire brigade officer stated, "By the time the fire brigade team reached the spot, citizens had rescued the owner and shifted him to the hospital with the help of the police. It was a black Volkswagen Vento. The driver tried to take the car to the side of the road. In the process, the vehicle brushed against a parked car. We extinguished the fire within 10 minutes, but the car was completely burnt. The other car that it had brushed against was partially damaged.

Mr Kailash Gupta's brother, Mr Rakesh Gupta who seemed to be furious with the freak Volkswagen Vento episode, stated, "We have been informed by company officials that company authorities from Germany will be flying in to India to ascertain what went wrong. Commuters present on FC Road saved my brother. Passers-by broke the glass to pull Gupta out from the burning car as he was trapped inside and was unable to get out."
Volkswagen Vento

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  1. That's a very bad news,but Volkswagen Vento is very reliable car this type of accident is not expected with this kind of prestigious company.I am sure there will be a problem with that car only or may be happen due to human fault.


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