Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prevent Car Theft

A vehicle is said to be stolen in almost every 27 seconds making a total of about one million cars stolen every year. It is advisable to take some precautionary measures against such agonizing loss. Although common procedures such as locking your car or leaving it in a well-lit area can prevent auto theft to some extent, yet you may need to buy some antitheft devices for your peace of mind according to your expenses and requirements. Some of the more common antitheft devices include car alarms, steering wheel locks, immobilizers, Glass sensors, ignition-kill switches, fuel-kill switches and Radio receivers/transmitters. Here are the Top Ten ways to prevent auto theft.

1. Get installed an antitheft device.

2. Do not leave your car alone while engine is running and do not forget the keys in the ignition slot

3. Always keep the doors of your car carefully locked.

4. In case you own a garage, try to park your car inside the garage and do not forget to lock the door of garage.

5. Do not keep packages or valuable items in the car which are visible to everyone.

6. Always try to park your car in secure and well-lighted place. Do not keep it in oblivious situation or off the beaten track at night

7. Keep your vehicle identification number (VIN) engraved into the windows and main parts of your car in order to save it and render difficult to be sold in the black market.

8. While parking in the street, turn wheels toward the enclosing border, essentially use the emergency brake, and try to park amidst other cars.

9. Do not park your car in a parking group of longer period.

10. Protect or withdraw any removable electronic device like CD player etc. while leaving your car

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