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What Your Gym Outfit Says About You

By Brooke
Nov 5, 2011

So December break is right around the corner and you’re starting to hit the gym You know that those thirty minutes of cardio feel like they’ll never end and the easiest way to pass the time is to watch everyone else around you. You look them up and you look them down and try to figure them out. Who they are, what they’re into, what they’re like. And you can tell alllll of this from what they wear to the gym. So what does this mean? They’re trying to figure you out too!

Here’s a list of what people wear to the gym and what people think about you:

1. Sports bra and spandex

We get it. You’re hot. Your perfectly toned abs are either a result of your perfectly constructed gene pool. Or you just worked your ass off this summer. Regardless, people who are hitting the gym at college are desperately trying to maintain their weight and/or dying to drop those few pounds they gained from late night pizza eating. No one really needs to see your hot bod while they’re trying to improve their own. This attire will mark you as the overly confident condescending chick who thinks she owns the gym. Hitting the gym hard and breaking a sweat is so much hotter than flaunting off your size 24 body. Be considerate and throw on a tank. Trust me, you’ll still look fab.

2. Sorority Gear

So we all know that each event Greek life throws requires a silk screened American Apparel-esque top to be printed and worn campus wide. But who’s going to wear a fratty tank to their Chem discussion section? No one. So the next best time to wear this apparel is to work out. Sporting sorority gear to the gym is a great way to advertise for your chapter while being healthy and keeping fit. You might think wearing a tank with your letters could peg you as the ditzy sorority chick, but Greek life is super philanthropic and thrives on community service. So don’t fret, your blonde highlights are really indicators of philanthropic tendencies. Don’t forget to kick ass on that spin bike and double up on those push-ups to break a sweat and represent your sorority. The harder you work, the prouder you can wear your letters.

3. Sweat Chic Ensemble

So you roll up to the gym in your high school Soffee shorts, a sports bra, and some sort of cotton shirt. You look cute. But the second you start climbing the Stairmaster you’re covered in sweat from head to toe. Your gym outfit is just not cut out for the sweat and tears you planned to put in at the gym. What’s a girl to do? You feel everyone’s eyes staring at your sweaty pits and butt and you wish you never even came to the stupid gym to work off your freshman love handles. A full cotton outfit to the gym makes you stand out as someone who is a gym newbie since your clothes can’t handle your workout. Make sure you swap the cotton outfit for Nike or Champion dri-fit shorts and tank. Wearing sleek workout capris paired with a dri-fit racerback tank will make you look both athletic and gym-literate. Don’t worry, Zooey Deschanel wears plenty of cotton for all of us.

4. Matchy-Matchy Nike Set

It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re just rolling out of bed after recovering from the late night fries you had. So you decide it’s time to hit up the gym. You put on your black Nike leggings with pink piping, the matching tank top, and you even throw on your pink Nike running sneakers to match. Essentially, you are a walking advertisement. When you walk into the gym, everyone wonders why you put such effort into your gym outfit. Wearing a matchy-matchy outfit makes you look like you’re trying way too hard and can lead people to think you care too much about your appearance. The solution is simple: wear one piece of Nike at a time. Pair the black and pink leggings with a white tank top; throw on that black and pink tank top with solid shorts. Mixing it up makes you look effortless and committed to the main reason for going to the gym: exercise.

5. Everyday Clothes

It always throws me when I’m trying to run on the treadmill but I can’t help but notice the person in front of me trotting along in jeans and flats. What? College is a busy time and it’s difficult to find the balance between school, boys, friends, and exercise, and sometimes these overlap. As a result, we occasionally see a gym go-er dressed in the same outfit she wore to class. Yes, this outfit shows people how busy you are and you’re trying to use your downtime efficiently, but the lack of effort to dress for the occasion shows your lack of commitment to exercising. If you truly only have fifteen minutes off, try dressing in a more gym-friendly outfit that morning. You can trade in your studious appearance for a committed one by swapping the jeans for leggings and the flats for tennis shoes.

So there you have it. Don’t let your gym outfit dictate who people think you are! And remember, the most important thing is to get in there and work your hardest because at the end of the day, it’s not a fashion show. Your healthy body is what matters most.

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