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What A Person With Hypergraphia Schizophrenia (Compulsive Writing) Looks Like….

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Posted : September 2014
Author : Charlene

This son/daughter tells the story of dealing with his mother, who has Hypergraphia Schizophrenia. Basically, it’s a serious compulsion to constantly write. This particular mother is obsessed to write about her assumed conspiracy run by Dick Cheney, Ralph Nader, Tom Brokaw and….Peter Jennings. She feels that her writings will expose the solid truth to the world. Take a look at her work below…

My mom is a Schizophrenic with Hypergraphia (compulsive writing)
She thinks the pages she writes will save the world and expose a vast conspiracy run by Dick Cheney, Ralph Nader, Tom Brokaw and….Peter Jennings. I’ve been taking care of her since I was 12 years old. I’ve been dealing with this for 17 years. This is what her writing looks like on a really bad day.

Blacked out family names.
She really has a thing for Ralph Nadar and 7-11. She thinks they’re poisoning the spicy bites to make people compliant and docile for the coming take over. “Betty” is her code word for Dick Cheney.

She keeps everything here. Each one of these is sacred to her.
But every couple of days I sneak in when she is out and take some away to make room. She absolutely flips out if she thinks any of them are gone. But that rarely happens.

She keeps filling bag after bag of loose sheets.
And I sneak them out.

Writing from a calm, good day

This one was for protesting outside the US Congress.

She fills page after page of these oversized art notebooks.

Each page is 2.5 x 1.5 ft.

About 9 months worth.
110 notebooks. 100 pages each. Front and back filled= 22,000 pages And the bags of loose pages I took out and the number is closer to 30,000. Eventually she had to move, as happens a lot, and I had to throw it all out. If I hadn’t been sneaking in and taking stuff out, this pile would have been 4 times this size.

What a tough illness to deal with.

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