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14 Gadgets We Love In 2014

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Posted : May 2014
Author : Nicholas Pell

Despite the tired quips about jetpacks and flying cars, the contemporary world increasingly resembles a cross between a Philip K. Dick novel and The Legion of Superheroes. That’s mostly a good thing, but that also means there’s a lot of janky tech out there. So, cutting out the clutter, here’s what every man needs in the modern age.

Tom Tom Runner GPS Watch
Runners shouldn’t be without this smart watch that keeps track of your miles. For an extra 50 bucks it will also monitor your heart rate. $170

Nikon DF
Hardcore shutterbugs know that even the best DSLR camera lacks something if it doesn’t look like... well, a camera. The Nikon DF not only takes great pictures, it also takes you back to your first shots with retro styling. $2,750

Livescribe 3 Smartpen Pro Edition
Still using your smartphone to take notes? That is so 2013. Instead, use this smart pen, which remembers everything that you write. It also records and syncs with Evernote and Onenote. $200,

Native Union Pop Desk: Admit it
You miss using real phones. Still, why sacrifice the convenience of a smartphone. No man without a landline should go without the Native Union Pop Desk phone, which converts your smartphone into the more traditional phone. $50

Tinke Wellness Monitor
This fun little gadget goes beyond your heart rate, showing you more obscure stats such as your blood oxygenation levels. It even provides two scores of overall fitness, one for work and one for rest. $119-129

Impossible Project Instant Photo Lab Printer
More and more people are realizing that while digital is nice, something is lost in the translation. For photography enthusiasts who want solid prints from a stylish device, we present the coolest photo printer of 2014. $199

Blue Nessie Microphone
Whether you’re podcasting or Skyping mom back home, why not do it with some style? The Blue Nessie Microphone will make you feel like FDR doing a fireside chat in the Internet age. $100

Sonos Playbar
Whether you’re a movie buff or an audiophile, the Sonos Playbar will give you the high-quality sound you need in a stylish package. $699

Trakdot Luggage Tracker
The man who travels a lot shouldn’t go without this handy little gadget that tracks your luggage, even when the airlines can’t. $50

Camelbak Relay
Rarely is a product far superior to that which came before. But this filtration pitcher works so quickly, it’s simply a joy to use. Just super smooth functionality at a size that fits nicely in any fridge. $37

Google Chromecast
Roku or AppleTV taking up too much space? Pick up the Chromecast, which does much of the same stuff, but is about the same size as a memory stick. $35

WeMo Light Switch
This is the 21st Century Clapper that allows you to turn on, turn off or even dim your lights from your smartphone. Whether you’re too lazy to get out of bed or clear across town, you’re in total control. $50

Ratch-N-Lock Pliers
It doesn’t have a lithium battery or Bluetooth integration, but when things go Road Warrior you’ll have the best one-handed wrench on the market today. $20,

Fitbit Force
This one has a lot of press lately, so we’ll just say that this smart watch / fitness gadget is poised to be to 2014 what the iPod was to 2004. $100

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