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Coolest Gadgets Of The Week Via The Gadget Flow #7

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Posted : March 2014
Author : Mike Chliounakis

This is our weekly gadget roundup via Here we gather the coolest gadgets of the week. From the top useful gadgets to the latest trends of the web. Stay tuned and follow us at @thegadgetflow.

The Spare Tire BBQ Grate from Front Runner Outfitters is a stainless steel cooking grate that fits neatly atop your spare tire and takes no space of its own. It’s perfect as a travel companion when you drive out for a camping trip. It stands on its own steel legs, so you don’t need to anything else other than to light up a fire under it.

The Biohazard Laundry Backpack is an essential and rather fitting item for dorms and lazy teenagers whose laundry doesn’t get done unless it becomes a dire emergency. It’s big enough to carry a wide load, so to speak, and the drawstring will keep the unholy stench of a ton of unwashed clothes trapped inside until you pull it open near the washing machine.

The Internet Is Broken T-Shirt is an ideal gift for geeks taking a break to enjoy the real world outside. It says on the tee – “The Internet is broken so I’m outside today.” It’s a great t-shirt for camping trips, road trips or even just a walk or jog in the park. It reminds you to enjoy the simple and good things in life.

The Simpsons Limited Edition Notebooks from Moleskine is a nod to the longevity of The Simpsons – the longest-running TV show ever. This is a pocket notebook with a bright yellow hard cover holding 192 pages of ruled paper inside. It has themed graphics and details, along with custom flyleaves and endpapers.

The Lion Ski Mask was designed and engineered by Beardo keeping in mind the needs of skiers and snowboarders. No doubt the jungle is your kingdom, but you can now also be King of the slopes. It’s a great-looking mask too, and sure to scare the dickens out of skiers and snowboarders in the vicinity when you come roaring towards them wearing a genuinely scary lion mark with giant molars on display.

This stubby little Cannon Popcorn Maker makes popcorn using hot air circulation technology. The popcorn kernels loaded into the cannon pop and shoot out into a bowl you place in front of the cannon. It’s a healthy and oil-free method that makes popcorn easily and quickly with lower calories.

This Rain Check Umbrella from Kate Spade is a clever way to draw some attention and also to send a message without actually having to say anything. It says “Rain Check?” inside a caption bubble printed on the umbrella. It’s such a stylish and innovative creation that you’ll be hoping it rains so you can pull it out and show off your unique umbrella.

This I Shoot People Novelty Mug is an otherwise ordinary white ceramic coffee mug from Twisted Envy. Ordinary, that is, apart from the fact that it has “I Shoot People” printed on it below the image of a Pentax camera. It’s a great gift for both amateur and professional photographers, and lets them flaunt their shutterbug creds while having a cup of tea or coffee.

The IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case is supposed to be a case for your iPhone that’s also a very useful toolkit. It has space for two precision screwdrivers, two ball-point pens, a nail file, a pair of tweezers and scissors, and even a kick stand. If you’re wondering how on earth all this could possibly be packed into an iPhone case, well…it’s sort of like a magician’s trick.

The Volkswagen Slug Bug Toaster will take you back in time to the 70s for breakfast. When the toast rolls in on VW Slug Bug, your kids will be fighting each other to pile into the classic camper and dig into the toast. The toast pops out from up top, and the controls are at the back.

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