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"Malaysia" Is The Most Popular Country-Based Baby Name In The US, Because Why Not

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Posted : June 2014
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Hey, whenever you get to be #1 at something - and that something doesn't involve lingering death or most corrupt politicians - you just thank Providence and keep it moving. It turns out that in 2013, data from the United States' Social Security Administration showed that thousands of American babies were given names apparently inspired by the world's nations; and more babies were named Malaysia than after any other country last year. 

630 baby girls were named Malaysia in 2013, more than the 462 girls (and 10 boys) named Kenya, and almost double the amount of girls named America (346). In fourth place is India (255 girls), with Ireland (252 girls) rounding up the top five. World Cup and 2016 Olympics host Brazil is considerably lower on the list with 29 girls and 7 boys after it, and our neighbour to the north Thailand had 9 American boys named after it last year.

Here's a handy info from Swimmingly listing out the popular country-based names in the US last year:
A possible explanation for the sudden popularity of "Malaysia" as a girl's name could be grounded in - surprise!! - reality TV: in August 2011, the show Basketball Wives LA premiered and made NBA point guard Jannero Pargo's wife, Malaysia Pargo, a household name. Let's just hope Malaysia doesn't upset American TV audiences by getting up to unsavoury shenanigans and pulling other countries' - uhm, wives' - hair out.

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