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My Feelings Can Best Described By Viewing These 27 Pictures

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Posted : November 2012
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How I feel being 27/m and single…

How I feel after I make a concise, logical point during an argument with my wife

I graduated 3 years ago and have been working in a call centre ever since. This is pretty much how I feel

How I feel playing gigs at small venues 

How I feel as a broke college student after depositing $22 in my bank account

How I feel accepting college loans 

How I feel working in IT 

How I feel upgrading from a five year old laptop.

How I feel waiting for my girlfriend to make the first move

As a male that never wears jewelry, this is how I feel when I wear a ring. 

How I feel working in Customer Service

How I feel when using a friend’s computer for the first time

How I feel on Sunday morning when I didnt go out the night before and everyone else did

How I feel interviewing in the current job market

How I feel after each student loan payment I make… 

How I feel when iTunes shuffle gives me two songs by the same artist consecutively

How I feel being single for 7 months

How I feel when browsing online stores

How I feel getting ready for work each morning 

How I feel the morning after being blackout drunk

How I feel when I post something on Google+

How I feel as an engineer taking an arts elective

How I feel when I think about talking to my ex gf

How I feel when I raise my voice slightly and someone tells me to “calm down” 

How I feel every time I pull into Walmart…

How I feel as a Blackberry user during the iPhone vs Android debate

How I feel as a college student on Christmas break

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