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20 Incredibly Strange X-Ray Images

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Being a physician myself, I say we experience a loads of X-Rays each day but sometimes they are incredibly odd leaving us in wonder how and why it’s like this. So i decided to search for more of these and came up with a few here. To the best of my knowledge, these X-Rays are real and haven’t been photoshopped or altered in any way with the exception of one at the end (in bonus).

Fateh, a prison inmate in Pakistan, woke up one morning with a glass lightbulb in his anus. Fateh, who was serving a four-year sentence for making liquor, prohibited for Muslims, said he was shocked when he was first told the cause of his discomfort. He swears he didn’t know the bulb was there.

This x-ray revealed a cell phone in the rectum of a smuggler in San Salvador who was kept as a prisoner for charge of attempting to smuggle various objects across border including cell phones.

Simon Hooper, wanted a £1,750 ring for his girlfriend so he went to a jewellers and ate one. He was caught after police ran a metal detector over his stomach. An X-ray image of the ring was produced – and Hooper told officers it was a piece of foil. A few days in the cells, a high fibre diet, and the ring appeared. Hooper got 12 weeks chocky. And some lucky girl got a shitty ring

This X Ray shows Lakshami, Lakshmi Tatma was born joined to a “parasitic twin” that stopped developing in her mother’s womb. She absorbed the limbs, kidneys and other body parts of the undeveloped fetus. Thus, not only did she have eight limbs, she had four kidneys, entangled nerves, two stomach cavities and two chest cavities.

God knows what people swallow in there leaving us in a mystery and wonder how and why did it get in there.

D’oh! This figurine of Homer Simpson was inside a chocolate egg eaten by ten-year-old Dixie, a Dalmatian collie living in Aberdeen. Mmmmmmm, edible Homer.

Magic balls? No! Haley Lents, 8, of Indiana swallows 10 magnets and 20 steel balls from a Magnetix toy set – she says they looked like sweets. The magnets attract, tearing eight holes in her intestines.

This X-Rays shows a metal keyring featuring an Eiffel Tower souvenir embedded in the hand of Amy Preston, 28. Amy was carrying her keys in her hand as she went jogging on Tuesday when she fell and landed on the keyring resulting in two legs of the souvenir embedded in her hand.

A 27-year-old Chinese man ended up with a pair of 9cm long and 4cm wide scissors stuck in his esophagus after they slipped while he was using them as a toothpick.

Patrick Lawler went to the dentist complaining about a toothache in the top part of his mouth, the dentist found that the construction worker had embedded a four inch nail into his skull several days earlier while using a nail gun, without knowing it.

The X-Ray of the teaspoon swallowed by a 12-year-old King Charles spaniel called Millie, owned by David Stanway of Crewe. It certainly gave her paws for thought.

This is the incredible X-ray that unlocked the mystery of what happened to a door key a student ‘lost’ on a drunken night out. Hungover Chris Foster, 18, had no memory of swallowing the 5cm (2in) key in a bizarre drunken stunt – until his friends and the NHS helped him piece together the events of the night before. Apparently, Mr Foster’s friends told him he had drunk too much and they were taking him home from a party in student halls. However, in his desperation to stay, he swallowed his key and said he couldn’t get into his house.

Yorkshire terrier puppy Charlie was rushed to the vets after getting a Xmas decoration lodged in his throat.

Here’s what you look like when you kiss while getting an X-Ray.

This shocking X-ray shows how Chen Liu died, with up to 30 nails fired intoo his skull with a high-powered nail gun. Homicide squad detectives yesterday released the graphic image as they made a fresh appeal for information about his murder. The decomposed body of the 27-year-old, also known as Anthony Liu, was found dumped in the Georges River November 2008, wrapped in a domestic rug.

Mirela Gradinaru, 37, arrived at the clinic in Arad, western Romania, with a can of hairspray stuffed up her rectum. Mirandolina Prisca, a doctor at the clinic, tells us: “We had X-rays done to localise the object and then we carried out the operation. The patient was fine after it. She was very embarrassed. She was clearly in a lot of pain, however it got there.” Rumours are that she fell on it. This can happen. Remember this vicar? And how a fence can work its way up there?

Building site worker Ron Hull fell off a ladder and landed on an 18-inch drill bit that went into his eye socket and through his head. He lost an eye but survived.

X-rays from Central Prison in Raleigh, N.C., show items such as bed springs and batteries that prisoners swallowed to gain trips to outside hospitals.

A Burmese Python Gulps Down Queen-Size Electric Blanket. It took surgery to save a 12-foot python after it swallowed an entire queen-size electric blanket – with the electrical cord and control box. Veterinarians Karsten Fostvedt and Barry Rathfon performed the two-hour operation.

And that’s how a tongue piercing can go wrong.

A metal heart??
When Rummy suggested an “All Robot Army by 2008″, it became all too clear!

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