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Top 5 Most Expensive Men Leather Shoes In The World

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Posted : May 2014
Author : Fozia Malik

Leather is as old as man himself he used to wear animal skin after tanning and other procedure however gradually the leather became more efficient more refined any it started to be one of the most essential part of man wears . Assyrians had started to use leather for foot wear purposes. The current era pure leather wears are is considered as one of the most one expensive man’s wearing

5.Edward Green Shoes $1,075
Edward Green is classy, stylish and elegance a complete and perfect foot wear where each Indi dual man would love to wear the pair of shoe that cost to $1,075. Today the Edward Green meets all the modern comforts of a quality production through their shoes industryEdward Green is an English shoemaker founded in 1890. Edward Green is based in Northampton, England. The level of handwork involved in production is very high and only around 250 pairs of shoes are completed a week.During the 1930s Edward Green was one of the largest manufacturers of officers’ boots for the British Army.

4.Tanino Crisci’s Lilian Shoes $1.250
The Tanino Crisci is known for their impressive and admirable brand men foot wear where every individual man would love to have one of the classy pair of shoes and want to wear For this you need to pay about $1,250. Tanino Crisci is actually one of the greatest shoes creator of the world and also he produces some of the World’s Most Expensive Shoes. The Lilian Style is one of the best pair of shoes ever, but the price is not so low if you have a small budget, this shoes costs 1.250$. Also they are very comfortable, walking will be a pleasure.

3.John Lobb Shoes $1.280
John Lobb Bootmaker is a company that manufactures and retails a luxury brand of shoes and boots mainly for men, but also for women. Leather goods such as wallets and belts are also available. In 1976, the famous French luxury brand, Hermès, took over the John Lobb name and, whilst sticking to the traditional heritage of ultimate craftsmanship, continued to broaden the reach of the John Lobb brandname through its ready-to-wear line .John Lobb Bootmaker has been in business for almost 150 years.This is one of the brands who sell a massive number of elegant shoes which men love. Also this shoes are not for anyone, one pair costs 1.280$.

2.A. Testoni Norvegese $1.500
Made in Italy by a.testoni: men and women’s luxury and quality shoes, belts, bags, leather goods. A. Testoni Italian fashion in the world .These shoes are quite classy, and can endure any situation. If you are going to pick a pair of shoes to walk in, these are the best. Mostly men are very choosy when they chose a pair of shoes because for every respectable man shoes must fit to suite to their personality and fine tasting. This lovely pair costs 1.500$.

1.Tony Lama Boots $ 50,000
The cowboy style of boots “the tony lama boots” is made up of 100 diamonds, 4.4 ounce of 14 karat gold. The revenue of this company is $65 million. In their collection of shoe industry they have especial collections of boots for women too. The company’s boots is recognized in western world due to its comforts and the quality that meets all the requirement of today technological world.Tony Lama Born to Italian immigrant parents in 1887.Tony Lama passed away in 1974, but his sons and daughters continued his tradition of quality and hand craftsmanship, making this a true American success story. In 1990, Tony Lama became part of the Justin Boot family.

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