Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hey, Can You See All That Stuff In The Water…?

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Hey can you see all that stuff in the water…? Let’s look closer. So beautiful.
You probably wouldn’t know what to think of if you were flying over a body of water, looked down, and saw this stuff…until you either used some binoculars or flew a little lower. This is what happened on Lake Nauru in Kenya. The reality of what was being seen was revealed. It was GREAT.

I likened it to a bubblegum-pink oil spill.

But, no, is something right……? Let me see.

A minute…

Are they…

They can’t be.

Oooh. They are.

A colony of flamingos looks like this……?

Accepted! It is a large colony.

In fact I learned today that flamingos could probably take over the world.

What you don’t and you should about flamingos is that mostly they in colonies to sift for their favorite type of algae together in water.

These birds gather in millions for this exercise. Your mind will be blown by their sheer numbers.

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