Monday, February 10, 2014

Ultimate Chick Car

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Volkswagen Golf Cabrio
The purple and pink skyline at sunset is a bonus here, but the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio is the ultimate chick car no matter the conditions or hue of the sky. Guys could hardly be more out of place than behind the wheel of one these rides.

Toyota Matrix
The Toyota Matrix looks like it was designed specifically with soccer moms or a car full of teenage girls on a Friday night in mind.

Mazda Miata MX-5
The dainty Mazda Miata MX-5 is a cute, little sports car, but no guy wants to drive a sports car with the words dainty and cute tacked on as selling points.

Honda Del Sol
Don't even say you looked at this picture and imagined a man behind the wheel. The Honda Del Sol says "California girls heading to the beach" like no other car on the market.

Volkswagen Eos
Like the Golf Cabrio, the Volkswagen Eos is the effeminate ride that looks road-ready for women of any age. It's the sort of vehicle tailor-made for long hair blowing in the wind, but dudes with shoulder-length hair should probably opt for different wheels.

Smart Fortwo
Conservation and fuel efficiency are in no way gender-specific, but it's really tough to take any man seriously when he's behind the wheel of a Smart fortwo.

Volkswagen New Beetle
Volkswagen seems to be the frontrunner as the ultimate chick car brand. The New Beetle is a classier take on the historically girly Beetle, but the new design doesn't make it any cooler for dudes to be caught driving one.

Mini Cooper
The Mini Cooper is the automobile equivalent of an expensive engagement ring on four wheels. It's a head-turner alright, but the effect only works with a woman behind the wheel. The Mini Cooper may have made a mighty resurgence thanks to 'The Italian Job' remake, but it looked coolest when Charlize Theron was driving it.

Nissan Rogue
An abundance of small SUVs seem custom-made for females, and the Nissan Rogue may be the frontrunner for girliest of them all.

Volvo S40
According to Polk, the company that specializes in automotive research, the Volvo S40 ranked #1 in 2011 for vehicles with the highest percentage of female buyers. The numbers don't lie: 57.9% of Volvo S40 buyers were women.

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