Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Paul Walker’s Car Collection

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The original Fast & Furious film hit the big screen when we were high school students, really opening us up to the automotive scene as young teenagers. We’ve always been huge fans of Paul Walker’s role in the films, and like many fans out there, his death really hit home for us.

As many fans already know, Paul Walker’s love for automobiles went much deeper than the role of Brain O’Connor. He was a regular at car meet-ups out here on the west coast, and owned quite a collection of vehicles. For the first time ever, fans can finally get a detailed look at Paul Walker’s vast car collection, which includes everything from a S15 Silvia to Saleen Mustangs. From Japanese imports to Italian supercars, we’ve got a bit of everything in this collection. Paul definitely loved cars, and wasn’t biased based on the make or model (although he did seem to own a lot of Mustangs). The video originally surfaced last year, but Paul Walker wanted to keep it confidential that it was his collection. Car Buzz has now confirmed the video to be Paul’s garage. Check out the video at this link.

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